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IN THE COU?�TY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN THE P�'iATTER OF THE ESTATE OF WILLIA� � <br /> FRE➢ GEORGE �'IEYER, ALSO KNOWN AS W. i�YERS j D E C R E E <br /> �1ND �V.P-i. ��YERS, DECEASED. ^ <br /> I�ow on this / � day of , 1961, this matter came on to <br /> be heard upon the Final Repor of Jo n . ,`•:cCarthy, Executor of the <br /> Estate of William Fred Georg Meyer, also known as t�. Meyers and ��. <br /> ^�to i�,eyers, deceased, and upon the Pstition of said John F. iicCarthy, rxe- <br /> cutor, for the allowance and approval of his Final Report, settlement of <br /> said estate, and his diacharge herein. <br /> The Court being fullq advised in the premises finds that due anc' <br /> legal notice has been given to all persons of the time and place f ixec; �y <br /> the Court for the hearing upon said Final Feport. There being no objec- <br /> tions to sai� report, and the Court having examined the same together ��-�itl: <br /> the vouchers on fils, finds said report is true and the same ought to be <br /> approved and allowed as an�' for the Final Report of said Executor, saici <br /> estate settled an3 closed, and the F.xecutor discharged. <br /> The Court f�zrther #'inds that William �red George t�eyer, also :tnot�rn <br /> as ��. .y�eyers and ,'d.;j�. :ieyers, departed this life on the 29th day of <br /> January, I961, an� that at the time of his death, was a resident ann i:�- <br /> habitant of Ha13. County, Nebraska. That the said `�Villiam Fred Geor�e <br /> �4ieyer, also '.�cno=�m as t�. :rleyers and W.`'Ii. r°Ieyers, died testate, ar� that a <br /> Petition for the probate of his estate was filed on the 3rd day of Febru- <br /> ary, 1961, asking that said estate be admitted to probate and Letters Tes- <br /> tamantary be granted to John F. ricCarthy, upon the goods, real estate, <br /> chattels, rights anc? credits of the said �lilliam Fred George i�ieyer, also <br /> known as W. '��eyers an�' W.P:. I�Ieyers, deceased. That u�on a hearing hel� <br /> tzpon said Petition, after notice was duly �irren to all persons intereste� <br /> in saic? estate, said estate was adr�itted to probate on the lst day of -'=:arch, <br /> 19b1, and Letters Testamentary were duly issued by this Court to Jahn Fo <br /> i=icCar�hy, or! ths Estate of '�Jillia� Fred Geor�e �=leyer, alsc krot� as 1b', <br /> :�L���Y�Sg and ��o:=. '��-eyers, 3ecease3. <br /> The �ourt further finds that due an� legal notice has been �iver to <br /> �11 persons of the ti��e an�? place fixed 'oy the Court for the filin�; oti <br /> clai�s a�;ainst s�i�3 est�te of s:�id d�ceased, dn� th�t the time sc fixe:� ��.;,> <br /> £ully expired, and alI persons having claiT,�s agains;; said estate �ot i�le�:� <br /> �aithin the ti��e li�ite3 by the Gourt, are forever barred an� exclu_�e;� �'ro� <br /> settin.� up or asserting ar.y such claim� against sai� estate. <br /> The Court further fin�s that �lilliam Fred Geor�e if.eyer, also i�noNrza <br /> as '��o P�ieyers and W.:•�I. i,�eyers, was the o�uner of the follo��ing describe� <br /> oarcel of real estatet <br /> Lot �ight (�), Block Sixty-Eight (6�}� '�Jheeler � Bennett's <br /> Secand �ddition to the City of Grand Island, Hal1 County, i�ebr��s!eaD <br /> and that said property is file� for record under the name of 4�illiar� :=eye��, <br /> an� that `�dilliar�� Fre� Georg�; �ieyer, W. ��leyers, �1.<�I. l��eyers, and 4�i11ia� <br /> ��leyers, are one and the person. <br /> ih� Court �urther Finds that Williar� Fred George I-leyer, also kno��n <br /> as v�s ���AX°S' a,n�,� �i.ti. Ir�eyer�, wras a widower, and that he had never re- <br /> married. <br /> The Court further finds that the said 6tTilliam Fred Geor�e ���ey�r, also <br /> '.�cnown as `u�. �a�eyers an�l W,M. "�eyers, l�ft surviving him as his heirs ar�;� <br /> onlq heirs at laws El�anor James, step-dau�hter; Ida Walters, sister, <br /> R.ose tpieyer, sist�r; Gusta Grattopp� half-sister; �linnie Rocho, half-sister� <br /> !�:artha DelL�emphrey, half-sister; and Harrq r�eyers, half-brother ; a�� i�iary <br /> �dams. <br /> The Court f'urther finds that under the terms of the La�t Will anr <br /> Testament and the Codicil thereto, the suri of �25•00 �as bequeathed �o <br /> Eleanor Ja�es, step-daughter; the sum of �i.00, each, was bequeathed �o <br /> ,. <br /> H <br />�¢,� + .�>..F . _.��:�.� -- v.�,+��ticnw,:&.'i.wu� .av„r.�w.. . <..��:: . _ <br /> s' . . u.:.:._. �. <br />