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LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> I, William Fred George Meyer, also known as W. Meyers and <br /> W.M. Meyers, do make, publish, and declare this instrtiunent as and <br /> for my Will and Testament. <br /> 1. <br /> I direct my Executor, hereinafter named, to pay all of my <br /> just debts, including the expenses of my last illness and burial, <br /> as soon as convenient after my death. <br /> 2. <br /> T give, devise, and bequeath unto Eleanor James, the sum <br /> of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25•00) , Eleanor James being the daughter <br /> o�' my former wife. <br /> 3. <br /> I do not make any bequests to my sisters, Ida Walter and <br /> Rosa �Veyer, for the reason they are amply provided for. <br /> 4. <br /> All the rest and residue of my estate, both real, personal, ' <br /> and mixed, consistino of my real property, all of my household <br /> �'urnishings, personal effects, including my money and stocks and bonds, <br /> of whatsoever kind and wheresoever situated, I give, devise, and <br /> bequeath unto Mary Adams, who, for a number of years, with unwavering <br /> loyalty and ability, has handled the household affairs for me without <br /> remuneratior., to be hers absolutely and forever. <br /> 5• <br /> I hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint John F. McCarthy, <br /> of �rand Island, Nebraska, as Executor of this, my Last Will and <br /> Testament, hereby revoking any and all ather irJills by me at any time <br /> made. <br /> In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my ha.nd and seal <br /> this 12th day of February, 19�6. <br /> William Fred George Meyer <br /> The above instrument was at the date thereof, signed, <br /> sealed, published, and declared by Lhe Testator, William Fred George <br /> Meyer, also known as ti9. Neyers and �J.M. Meyers, as and f or his Last <br /> Will and Testament, in the presence of us, who, at his request and in <br /> his presence and in the presence of each other, have attested the <br /> same and subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. <br /> Mrs. Martha J. Shum ' <br /> Address: Gran s and, Nebraska. <br /> John F McCarthy <br /> Address: Grand ��and, Nebraska. <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F Z L E D FEB 3 1961 CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY <br /> JUDGE <br /> i <br /> , � <br />