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i <br /> �fs� <br /> PIl� <br /> The Court finds that on the lltth de�r of Jurta, i961� said &kecutc>ra filed in <br /> th3s cause their imertto�y e�' the naaeta of aaid estate� a1lh a capy thereof for the <br /> County Assesaar� of Iia11 County, Nebraska, and that s�cording t,o said i.nventar�y said <br /> deceased died seized and possesaed a�' ti�.e folla+ing deecr3t�d real estate,to�aits <br /> I.ot `evsn (7)s in Blxk Six (6), in �3ann�s Third Addition to the City <br /> of Grand isLand, in Hell Countyi Nebraska� <br /> Together �aith. various items � personal praperty as specifically des- <br /> cribed in said ine�entoryf <br /> that� purBuent to the authority granted said executors w�der the Will ai �aid deeea�ed, <br /> sa:td real e�ir.ate� to�;e�her with all perffianal property� �ae conv�erted into cash. <br /> S7XTH <br /> The Caurt further finds tP�at on tpie 16th da�y of Oetober� 19b1, �n order allaw- <br /> ing cex�tain clai�r�s was entered in ti��is cau�e and that on tt� eame date a Purther <br /> order �ras al�a entered barrin� any otherr claims not heretofore filad hereir:; and that <br /> or� the 29th d�..y a'f �Iwember, 19�1� the elai�a of Elaine A. MeCerty Was allawed ir tne <br /> amount o� �1�OOQ.00; t.he Court further f`inds that all a1loWed claims, together �ith <br /> e�es�ses of adrainistration, including court cost� and Federal �state tax, have been <br /> pa�.d. <br /> 5&DBNTH <br /> The Co�t finds copies of all 7.e�al notices have been sent to all irzterested <br /> perties durin�; tT�e sc�nirsistratian of thi.s estate, as required by lasa� and tkat proper <br /> affidevsts pertainin� thereto are on file herein, thsat certificates sh�in� payirr�ent of <br /> a11 persctnai taxes have been filed herein by the Gaunty Aaseasor and County Treasurer <br /> of Ha7.l Cours��, ldebr��ka. <br /> EIG�H <br /> That additional �'ederal estate tax in the aa�ount of �32a.00 was paid as rec}uested <br /> by 'the Bure��. of Internal Retrernze, so that the total balance on hand is naw v119,732.8� <br /> and the �'inel �eport wss modifi�d accoa�dinglgf -Ghat Johsnna Kosster preceded Henry <br /> J. �aester 3.n death; that uuder the pronisicros of Para�raph III-A, under said WiZ1� <br /> the "Cl.ass A" receiae 55� �f said �1I.9�73�.85 or �65�853.46; that anly the follaw- <br /> in� nar�d perssras surv�i..ved said teetatur af the five beneficiaries of said "Gl�sa A", <br /> the� b�it�gt Elaine A. Mcs�t�rtyA ahQ is �t3tLed to e�t-fifth, or $],3y170.61; Garl <br /> F. Kc�eater� �rha ie er�tltled tct #�o�+fifth� ori $56:3�t1.23s end Augu�ta MaMest,er, �¢h.o <br /> is sr�t3.t�.ed ta twcf-fi�'�hs,� c:r� �26;3�3.��. <br /> � <br />