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-5- <br /> presence of each of us� and at the ssme tiza� and in our pre�ence anc� hearin�� de- <br /> clared the same to k�� h3.s Last Will and Test�aen�� and we at his special instance ana <br /> reguest and in YLis presen�e and in the pre€�enee o� each other, have hereunto sub- <br /> scribed our names as attesting witnesses. <br /> Geo. L. �tipley <br /> �sther Ii. ;Lynn <br /> Herbert F. Alayer <br /> and. �hereto �ttached is th� folio�sing certificates <br /> "C&RTIFICATE t�' PROBATE 4F �F TL� <br /> STA'T�a OF NEf��KA.) <br /> CaUPdTY ��' I�ALI, ) <br /> At a sesaion of' t.�ie County Go�xrt hsld i�a the �ounty Uotzrt �.00�n 5.z� Grand IsZaru.i' <br /> in said. County� on th� 9t�~3 d.ay o�' June �.i}.,, �R61. <br /> �'re�ent Charles F3ossert, Gounty Jud�-;� <br /> Zn tne x�Iatter of tY�e Estate o�' <br /> I�enr.y' J. �{o�ster� DE;ceasea. <br /> I, Ch�rles Bosser't, Jud�;e �f the County Co�zrt, in ana for �aia i,ot;nt�, �o 'r'a�reby <br /> c�rtify thst on ths 15th day of Y�iay, 39�1, the instrurs�rrt �urportin�; to �e the Zast <br /> ia�_�1. sn�3t�stament Qf E��nry J. ?�oE;ster� deceaseda �ras �iled far �obate in this Court. <br /> ��zat oz: the ;°th day of June, 1�f1� sai� instrun�ent to s��k:ich �this certi�`icatc iL attached <br /> t.r��� �u1�% �rrov�d, �reb�ted �nd.a.�lc�;ed as #,1�e last vaill and testa�ent o�° t,he real and <br /> �erso:�al estate of said Henr�,� J. Koesteri �eeeased� and ti�e sai� �as arc�erec2 to be <br /> recc;�deci in the reeords of the Co�rt a#oresaid. <br /> IN �ITPvF�S ���tH�.EOF, I rave hereur�ts� �et r^�}• ?��nC tr_d a�fix�n tY�e seal o�' tlie <br /> County Court� this qth da�r ot .T une J ��6i. <br /> Charles �3os:ert <br /> � ��� Coutzty Juc:��.a' <br /> and �tadolph �Yettenbrink and �ierbert F. iviQyer, Jr., were appoint�c� ca-ex�cutuz°s t;�z a:� <br /> i°urniahin� band in the amaunv ��` ��_llQ,Q00.�0 as orciered b;� tY:is �cx:rt, ��r}:ica� iaond <br /> w�s furnished �d apprw�:d� th� �ciurt further finds that sai� t�pnry J. r�oester t3as <br /> an unremarried �riflower at tY� time o� his deati� anci that he left i�i:,z survi�vira�, as <br /> 1r,is sole k�e3rs-at-'L��a t�1e followint, r.amed �er4 c�ns, ta-�cait: C�,r1 F. Ixoes�er, 'arotl:er; <br /> Au�usta t•�c��aster, sister; and �`laine A. :icfiarty3 niece and or�l;� c��i1� af a �rec�ecE�sed <br /> ;�ister, �3ertra Treb�lcock. <br /> FC�URTH <br /> The Cou�t further finds that on the �2t1? c�ay of Jun�, 1�:;1 an orcar ef thiL <br /> Ccwrt was made allcnain� creclitors until the 13tY3 d�y o� October, 19�1, in wY�ich to <br /> .�i2e tl�eir claim against seid estate� and aZlowin� said �acecutors one year in which to <br /> settle said e�tate and further ordering that notic� to cr2clitors be ;riQ�rc as b� law <br />, and tha�t a hearing on cZaims filed a;;a3.nst saia es#,ate �aoulc� :je :�e1a at tlz� <br /> off�.�,e of the Cour�ty J�ge og Ha1Z Gountys Nebraska, on October 1�, 19�%1, at ;s QO <br /> o�clock: A.i�4.� ancl it appoers by _proof on file that sucn was publ�.�ii€u as or�:tered <br /> by thi� CaU,rt. <br /> s <br />