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IN THE C�t2`r �f� C�` HA�L Ct�1'�3 �R�,SKA <br /> Il+t TI�iE NlATT�R OF Tf� BSTaTE } <br /> Fa3TAT� N�. 5$5? <br /> a� ) <br /> ��u, n�� <br /> FiEI�FtY J. �a�sT�, n�c��o. } <br /> sT�am� c� r���� � <br /> a ss. <br /> COUNTY f?F f�ALL ) <br /> At a ses�ion o� the Gca�nty C�trt held in a�d for said Ctauxrty vf Ha11 irs t�� <br /> Stat� c� t��br��ka, th� lUth day of J�uaxy� �q62, <br /> Pres�nts Charle� Ba��ert, Gounty d�dge« <br /> BE IT ��lEI�9l�RII), that on the 1,3th day af IJee�mber, 19�1� Rudolph �'�ettenbrix;k' <br /> and Herbert F, Ni�yer, Jr.� Cr�-�xecutor�, filed in �his Cnurt �hei�r i'in�l acevunt as <br /> such co-exectators� ta�eth�r '� � petition p3rt�yin� that sa3.d aceount be �?lc�w�d, <br /> foF � deeree of heix�:�hip, a det�rminati4n o� inh�ritancQ ta.�ca an o�der of di�tribu- <br /> tior�, �d fina�. se�t�.ement �Gheraan ar�ci.�e. <br /> For #�� t�ur�oses the 1t?t,�a day of Js�uary, 29�2 �zt IQsOU o�cl�ck �..A�. ffit tY�ie <br /> �ounty Cc�ur� Ro� �,x� saifl Cc�ur�tg was as�igned as the time and pl.ace fc�2• hearing sa,id <br /> petiti,vn and eaea�sdning arri allcm�a.r� ss3;d aeeounts; and it �as o�dersd tha� no�ice of <br /> the pendency of sei� pe�.i.tia�rs and h�a�in� t�Zereon be �iven to a11 p�rsons 3.nt,er�gted <br /> av by �r req�x�d, �nd it appear� by pra�af fln Pile that aueh natice �ras given as <br /> ,ordered }�y the Court, and tl�t no abjections ta sa�.d �i.nal account rave been made or <br /> ij.led. <br /> Upon exarninatian o� the recor@ e�zd the evidenc� in �his matter �zd bai.n� du].y <br /> advisQ�. 3rz the pr�nise�, ths Caurt finds as �allas►ss <br /> FI�a� <br /> Tk�;t Henry J. Koester cii.ed� I�y 10� 1}61, te�t,ate, and � r�sident o� Ha3.1 County, <br /> Idebrasl.�. <br /> 9�Ct�J <br /> 7'hat an the 15th da�y of �4akYa 19�1, � in�trume�t purpor�ing to be tY�� 7.�st will <br /> anci t�star�nt o�' Hei�ry J. �s��ter, deceas�d� and a petit�� offerit� s�3.d. wi'i�. for <br /> nrobate, �ras filc�d in this cat�e� �d tlia.t on the 15�dz day of �r� $961, sn c�rder nf <br /> tY�i.s c�r�t wa� �aad� herein as�i�g 'Ghe 9tt� d� af June� 1.961� at ZO:Q4 qtcloek A.�I. <br /> iza #',he C 4utyty Cc�r't Rovrn irt e�d Cauntty as the -time and place far t��sr�ig sa�.d <br /> pet#.ticrn, proving said wi11 €�ud e�dmiting �the �sme tfl p�obe�t� and order�g t�at pr�r <br /> n+��i�c� af' ths per�ler�y cf said pe#�.t3:tut �d hee�iug #�her�� be �iven ta alI 3;�nterasted <br /> � <br />