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•1►- <br /> Ft�T1�TH <br /> The Court further finds thst on the 17th d�y of August, 1961, an A�;reer�en_t was <br /> fi2ed in this c$uae between Ells �ceth� beneficiary under said 'r+ill� and Geor�;e <br /> Ehlers, sole tteir-at-law of aaid Betty F�lers, deceased; that said A�;reement rre- <br /> vide� as follcnass <br /> "AGREII4iENT <br /> - THIS AGR;E�1�SdT �ntere� into td�is firat day of Au�ust, 19t�1� by and bet�ee?7 <br /> �11a ��th� l�rei:zai ter ca�.led Ella, and George k�lera, hereinafter cellcd ��o��,.e. <br /> 6�;I�R�:i, Betty ��lers died on July lf�� 1`✓'61� a resi.der.t of i�all Count:;, ar�c� <br /> leavin� an i.nstrw;�ent dated June 20, 19�1 purportin�; to be her last Will and <br /> testament, wi7ici2 instrur�nt has been offered for probate in the Cocnty Court o� <br /> I3a11 Count�r� 2iebrasks� and hesrin� thereon to be held on the 17th day a� l.u��st, <br /> Zy�l; end wl:ereas tsie said Hett� �;hlera left her�; as her sole l.eir-ai;- <br /> la� her bro��er� �eor�;e �.:n7,rrs� ard �l�ereas ur.der said ].�'�st kill and <br /> the saicl Beor�e ;�31ers received Property of s vmlue of about ;:0,000•40 and t�.e <br /> saia E11a Soeth ree�ived property� comprisin�; t�:o farm5 ?ocsted in i�,errick Countyp <br /> tlebraska of a valne oi about $90,000.00� and whereas the'said Georgo r;hlers <br /> objects to ths validit,y of said last will and testar�ent and if succesaful i: a <br /> ��ill conteat wouZd have received the entire estate of 9etty EY�l:,re ravir.g a <br /> �ess value of' abo��t '�;13�,a0fl.00; and whereas the parties heret�, ir. orc�er tc <br /> �vaid the eacpenae af a will contest and ti� risks of loss to one or the ott-�er ' <br /> irnaolved� in such an action; <br /> I�tQ��:9 TI?:�;:�i�:�i;;':.i�:� ZT I:> �Git���:i� �'.� i'GI,L�7tS: <br /> I. <br /> The parties as�ce tY;a�t t��ey wi11 ria�:e no objectioiY to :;sic last wi11 anc: <br /> testament bu� will permit and c ooperate �aith the admittin€; thereof to ;3robate <br /> as t':;e va'►id last t�ill a.n� testarr�nt of Betty i�:hler•s, Deceased, <br /> Iz. <br /> All prav7.sions n� s�id last tiri.11 and tesi:ament will be cnrried out, so iar <br /> as tt�e parti�s are afiected thareby� exceptin� far the fo].lowing: <br /> (A) � claim iar seraices rend�red said deceased by Josephine Lhlers in t}ae I <br /> amount of �2'Ot�0,fl0 will be ratified and approvec! b,y th� parties as a just a�d <br /> valid clair� a,-;ainst s�ici esta-te. <br /> (B) E17a quit claians, relinquishes, assi�s end disclaims9 in favor oi' <br /> Geor�;e all her rigxit� title and interest under said �ri11 to the N�th Ha1�' <br /> of th� Southeast (1V�E�)� the Suutheast �uarter of the Sautheast �►z�rter <br /> (S�4SE�)a txie 3autheast nuarter of the Y3orthesst �uarter (Sh�s:�),�and the <br /> South HaLf of the Southwest �uarter of the Na�theast i�uarter (SzS'�14��a)sQi <br /> �ection i�.�.�e (5')s in Tc�m�hip Eleven (11) Nar�th� Asn�e �,i�ht (8), �est of <br /> the Sixth F��M.= in Merrick County, Idebraska, cons3sting of 178 acrea, rr�re <br /> +�r lesa, to��:ther with a1.1 accretion ri�3ts thereto <br /> (C) El� a�reet� t;aat 9h� �i1.I pay in to the estate at such time as tYie <br /> executc�rr ut�sler sa3d w�ll r�quests sueh pt�ment �n amount equal to the Pdebraska , <br /> �nheri�e Tax �ttributable ta the pra�erty received by her under s�id will <br /> as mod�.f'ied by this a�reet�nt together vith an a�unt e qual to her propartionate <br /> share of a�y Federal Esta� Ta�c �nd State Estate Tax attributable ta the pro- <br /> perty reeeived by her under said �rill as modi.fied by this agreement. <br /> (D) Geor�e agrees that he will pa� 3.n to the estate �t suela time as t,he <br /> execut�ir under �c2 wi13. r�ques�ts sueh pay��ent an �m.cunt equal to the Nebras�a <br /> Inher3.t.ance T�c attribut.�bl� t4 the proper�y received by h3m under said �aill <br /> as modified by �Lhh7.s a�reement to�e�h�r s� �n artnount equal to hss pro�ortiorba�� <br /> �are of ax�y Federal E�'tate '�ax and S'�,a'� l�state Tax attributable te the pro- <br /> perty reaeived by hirr� ut�.er said wi1�. as mvdifled by this a��enient. <br /> � <br />