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Jl I L L <br /> I, C. G. Lee of the City ofAmes, Iovva, being of sound and <br /> dis�osin�; mind arid memory, do make and publish my last t-,�ill <br /> her��Uy r�vokin� all 4vilis by me at any time heretoiore r�ade. <br /> riitST: I �1?"'ZCt that all my just debts and the exper_se oi my <br /> �uriai shall be paid irom my estate as soon after rny death as shall <br /> be exl�edient. <br /> Sr�COT�D; I �ive, devise and bequeath. to my clau�ht�r, Norma L. <br /> �p��ricer, tt;� Loilo��riri�; described �rernises , t�-��it: <br /> Lo�s :�ixte�n (16} and :�ever�teen (1%'} ir. Block Ten (iU} , <br /> Uri�i�la� �'�ti�sr. oi ,ames , Io�ra <br /> "1 alse �:rive �o my �.id dauoh�er ail perso:�ai �roperty o�,vnect :�y <br /> r;:e �ut t_�.e t�r:� oi' tny deatr: w��r�ich wouid be exer�pt to my �state unc�er <br /> th�. 1a��a� ol To,��a haa i d�ed �h� hPaci oi a £am?ly. <br /> II U.���p 15 �.11�J liiCC�;�.�ranc� ��31i_St �7'iJ OI. Sd.�:� 1JT'0�2ri,'y �� <br /> �CiE ti?Tl� O��' Yi:y' ti2��r!� ��"1� Saili2 shall �2 �ay:. i 7'Clil Itl f@ S�?t3 . <br /> 1=.�i�l�. �.�i T.Yi.� pT%c:;t l'OGi cJ�C1tP1%:: Oi ":�t2S� .�O�J� SI:��i SLl2"til'TC <br /> i::E:y i `;'!`,'c aY::. b��7'�'22.i.P �O i1?7: trE SLlT:"_� Oi ""f:Y'�: i:1tY1Cit2C� �Ol��T'S <br /> (_;��,juG.�;U� , ari� 1 d�r�c;, that i�e sYiali be aiio��red to occupy the <br /> t��c::� x:� r�o�,a occ�.�pi�s over the oara;e o�' Tny r:emest��ad as ialz� as <br /> �',2 Silcl�i i:�.'ZL CY' Q'2S1i'@S LO OCCU�3V 5314 roor^S 3S I1Vlii� quar�ers <br /> i�.�r ��:r�selyi, tY,� sa,n� �c be �ree ef rer:r. to hi:r�. I only hat�e a <br /> �_1L2 BS?�a�E? iTi S8.1C1 pr'"v;�Y'�j�'� �iU'v :21j' cS'�..,�i; S:'i�il ��E; Crlc`3.T'�G2UZ� a0 <br /> trie o�vz�aer oi said proper�y ior tne re�s�n rer_t tnereon vah.ile <br /> t�Ae �_1id Torn Jackrr?r� si�a�-_ occu,�y- sai� pro�er�y, I? the c,rner- <br /> s�:ip o� said property cha�:�;es so t?^Aat the said Jackr.-ian is not <br /> allo��ea to occupy said prc�ert�r ar�� 'r�e desires liviri� quarters <br /> ior hi��r�seli tie snall be arovided quarters �r�uaily as �;ood, ar.d <br /> t'r�e �.ti ense oz procurin� the same s'rialy oe �aid frcr� my estate . , <br /> FOliRT�?: I oive and bequeatri to the Con��e�ational Churc�� <br /> o� �?r:�es, Ioraa the surr. of One T��cusand Dollars (�lOCU.00} to be <br /> used as its I'fianaoir.g I3oard may determine. <br /> r I1{iH ; It �,rill be necessary to sell some oi my personal <br /> property, . or sell or r.ortgaoe real estate not specifically devised <br /> � <br /> - , r ::.,� , .: � _ ,.,�- - <br />