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The Court further find� tt� the acRcrt�niatratrix nas accounteei for <br /> �11 said property belonging to Edith Hel�n Crooks, which has come into <br /> h�r posseasion or knowledgs, and haa in all things complied �aitY� t�e <br /> . or:3er� of this honorabZs Ccurt. <br /> TT IS �'t3KTH�R ADJUI?GEb, t7RD�RED, AND DECREED i�Y T�iE COUR'"; <br /> fiha�t said final report is hereby confirmed and approved in all resprct,. <br /> The Caurt fur�her find� �hat the time iixed �or L�Iir�� elaim,s <br /> against the sairl eatate has long sinee expired; that notic� oi th� <br /> time �'lxed for filir.g said claims has bean �iven in the manner :��ei <br /> form p�°ovf.d�d by law; that any claims filecl or a2lowed by �t��.� C�urc <br /> '_�ave been paid afld aatisfied; that any other outatanding cl�in�� or <br /> obligation� againet the s�i.d deced�nt*s estate are forev�r bara�:� ana <br /> ;orecluded by ardes of thi� �c�urt. <br /> I'I' IS PURTHER flRD�,REL�, ADJUDGED, AND D�sCREED BY aH� COURi: <br /> il�at th� time aet for the �ilin� �� claims ir �aid eatate ��as �x�iredg <br /> uhat a11 elaim� or obliga�ior�s allow�d by this Court have be�n �.�i d6 <br /> t;;at all claims and obligatiart� no� no� an file are forever b�rr�d <br /> :�nd �r�cluded. <br /> The Court further find� th�� aIl expen�es of administ�at�ion <br /> 3.ncludin� costs and attorney f�effi have been paid, and that �he <br /> a��.nistra�rix fs�s have been waived. <br /> ZT IS FURTHER OR�ER��i, ADJIJDGED, AI�D DECREFD BI' THE COURT: <br /> i�iat :�11 expenses of administr�a�ion including court costs and a�c�.cr�.�y° <br /> :�e�s �za�e besn �aidZ and tha� the �dministratrix ha� �raived an;� ei;�it�� <br /> �or fees. <br /> Th� Court further f3nds that this estate is not �ub�ect�d <br /> �o any inheritar,ce taxeB of tihe State of Pisbraska for the rea�on <br /> that ti�e value of the �aid e�tate is ie�s than �10,�04; and that the <br /> �ole h�is� at law, Grace Crooks Christensen, a daught�r, b� �eason aa <br /> s�a�utflry exemption in the amount of �i0,0�0, creates no estats ta.�t <br /> l�.abili�y. <br /> ZT I� FURT�I�R Q�A�RETI, �D�UDC�ED, A�D L1�CRE�D BY T'HF Cf3URT; <br /> Tnat this esta�� i� not �t�b,�ect+�d ta any inherit�ne� taxes of the <br /> �tate a�` �T�tiz^a�ka.` <br /> _�«. <br /> � <br />