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Z1� TH� CG1C1I�'�.'Y t�}Q�� �F HAL�. G�}'�NTX, �SBRA��A <br /> IN THE I�A'�TER 4F `I`�I� �3TATE ) <br /> pg ) gZA1AL �38GR&� <br /> EllITH HELE� CR4Q�C3, I��c��s�d. ) <br /> Now an thia '9�h day of ATfl�e�ber, 1961, b�in� the d�tee <br /> sgt for hearin� 4n the fina3 ragort and pe�ition £c�r settlem�nt in <br /> the above ent3�tlsd e��a�t�, th3s ma�ter came on fcar h�aa�in� on th� <br /> r�por� o� the� administraLrix, Grace Ggoeks Chris�ensen, th� Ct�rzr� <br /> having �xamined th� recards mnd the files in the eas� fi�c3s �i��t <br /> noti�e of filing of' s�.d final report has b��n g�.vsn in the mar�ner <br /> a�1d £orm as provided by law; tha� no ob3ec�tion� v�ere �'�l�d th.���to. <br /> Aft�r exau►inin� said final repor°t, records�, �nd fil��, and <br /> b�in� fuli�r �dvised in the pr�mises, the �aurt �ind� tha�t t�iere �.� <br /> no balanc� on hand �f�er p$ym�nt €�f debts anc� expenses. The Cau�t <br /> further finds that the administratrix l�as pai� the i�e�s oi �:���n�e <br /> as eo listed in the final aceount fram �"uzzds belonging to the at�- <br /> ministratrix and makes no claim against the estate for reimbur�emen� <br /> tlzereof. <br /> T4�e Cc�urt furth�r find� that �dith �ielen Crook� depart�c� <br /> this life on January 3(3, 1961, in�testate; th�t �h� �tas a r�sident <br /> oi Hall County, Idebr�aka, at the �ime of r��r deati�., A ���it3.c�r. �r�� <br /> fil�d for the administratian af' lher eatate,, and Graee Crssok� C�z�i�- <br /> �ensen was dulp appoin�ed and qu�Z�.f�ed, a�.d 1.etter� te�tamc�ntary <br /> �rere 3.s�ued to her. <br /> The Court finds that �dith Helen Crook� w�s �in�l� a� �h� <br /> tiime of her death, and left survi�ring her a� her sole and only �eir <br /> �t law the fallowing pera�on�= � <br /> Grace Crooks Christensen, a daughter, vrho is c�f ls��al age. <br /> IT IS THERBFOR$ ORDER�l3, ADJ�JI�BI?, AAiI? D���i�ED BY '�HE Gt�I�RT= <br /> That the deesdent left survivin� her �►� her on3�y and �ole he�.r a� <br /> law Grace Crc�ok� Christensen, a d�.ught�r. <br /> � <br /> / <br /> , <br /> _ . ,: ..., ._,. ._ ,,. ,���e.� ,. ,...; .f,� �x:F��;� <br />