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The Court �urither finds that Herman 3chutt died seiBed <br /> of tY�s £ollowing d�t�cribed propsrty: <br /> l�or�h Half (��) of Lot Qn� and the Wor�th 'ri�lf (N�) <br /> of FracGional I.ot T�ro (2j , �nd all af Lot Three 3� <br /> in Block �ix (6) , Evanra Additian to the Citq <br /> of Grand .Is2and, Aiebraska, <br /> That in �ecord�►nce the terms� and provisiona of the Laet Will <br /> aAd Testament of Herman Sch�x�t, thc� sa�.d property passed to E1iza- <br /> t�ev`� Ellen �chutt has her own propsrtiy. <br /> IT I5 FURTHEF. ORDEREI}, �DJUD��, �P:D D�CREED BY 'i"i�E :,LJtt�'! <br /> i�iat the decedent was goaseas��i at �t1e ti�e of y�is deat,h o^ t':: <br /> � describea properCy; <br /> REAL PR%i'�RTY <br /> t�orth Half (F3�) of Lr�t t�s�e (2) and tns P�oz'�h Half <br /> (I3�r) af Fractional Lot iwo (2) , and aIl o� Lot <br /> Three (;) in Block Six (6) , �vants Addition to t�e <br /> CiLy o� Gr�nd Zsl�nd, Nebraaka. <br /> Such property, in accordance witn the Last Will ana Testan�ent o£ the <br /> d3cedent adtaitted for probate, �assed to the surviviii� widow, �2iaa- <br /> be�h r,�Ien Sehute as her own se�arate propert;�. <br /> The Catirt further find� that t:�e said property nerein- <br /> before described snd a21 other property o�rned bp the decedent at <br /> �he tim� of his denth, by virtu� of a sti��ulation entered into by <br /> th� county attorney of Hal� County, Nebrask�, is not sub�eeL �o <br /> �'�ebraaka Inh�r�.tanc� Tax. <br /> _ IT' I5 FU�.THER ORDExE�3, ADJUDGE3?, Ai�D D�CRE�i� BY Tzi� ° <br /> COU�,Tt Tha� the property belon�in� to the sstate of �h� deced�r,�� <br /> H�rm€�n $chuLt, ie ndt sub�ect to inheritance �ax under th� laws on <br /> th� St�te o.f i�ebragka, or inh�ritar�ce tdx 7.iabi2ity. <br /> The Court f urther .f ind� that th�re ia now on fi 1� �vi�h tYi:i s <br /> Court rec�3.pts for th� p�ymen� of all expen�eas �nd co��� o.f adminis� <br /> tratian, a�nd tha� Lhe estate ahou2d be �inally clo�ed ar3d set�led; <br /> that Eli�aberth �llett 9�hutt ahduld be disch�rged as e�ecutrix and <br /> her baz�d�ed. <br /> TT Z� �'UR�`��R (�RDER�D, ADJtJDG�I3, AI�� �ECR��D BY TH� <br /> v�QR�t ,T�at r+����.gt� �c�r,tne p+�yr��nt ��' ali a��por��ea ar�d ca�t� of <br /> ��r <br />�� � <br />