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T�e Co�zz� furthsr �"ind� that in ecrnfflr� xL�h the prQ- <br /> vi�ions a�' tk�� dsGed���� LaeL i�3.11 arzd Te�ta�+ea� dated Augu�� l, <br /> 1947; 'that ���.d v�ill w�ae ad�itted �'or prcrbat�; �nd tha� �h� sai.d <br /> instrument wras �xeeuted in acccsrda�ce tl�� law� a� '�he �tate <br /> of' P�T�braska; sind tha� by �he ��r�s of the said �.�st �i11 and Te�tr�- <br /> �r��;r�t„ all real and p�r�or�al property b�longing to the d�c�dent wa� <br /> b�a�.eathed to the survivi.n� widow, �2i$abe�h ��len Sch���. <br /> Th� Court furth�r find� tha� the exacu��ix ha� �ccc�unted <br /> for all property of the said H�rman Schut� which ha� coms into <br /> her po��e€�sion �r�d kno�rled�e, aud has compli�d v� �ii ora.e�s s�f <br /> ti�zis Court. <br /> IT IS THEREFflRE �?RDERE�i, �DJUI}GgD, ANIJ t�ECAEED BY THr, . <br /> i,��i�FT: Th�t the �aid �ir�a1. r�par� e�.f the executrix, Eii��batn �llen <br /> Schutt, i� hereby confirmed and agproved in a�I re�p�ct�. <br /> The Court f urthsr find� that the time fix�d for� the �i3.3.n� <br /> a.� c7.aims �gait�st the said estat� has lon�; sinc� expired; tha� nt�tfce <br /> o; the time fixed for the filin� of cl.aims has been given in the <br /> maa:ner and form provided by Iaw; that a11 claims iil�d and al3awe� <br /> k�y the Court h�ve be�,n paifl and.. s�tisfied; and any auts�gndir�� <br /> r.lair�s or ob�igations ag$3.nst the �ai.d decedent ar hi� esta�e are <br /> �'c�r�ver barred 3nd prec2uded by the arder of t�iis Cour�, <br /> IT S5 �'U���iER ORDE?�E�, aDJUDGED, l�I�D I�ECR��Z3 �`� TH� �C`uRT; <br /> 'i'h^t tY�� time se� ior th� filin� �f clai.m� a�ainst the €�s�ate h�s <br /> expirad; tl�at all claims filed and a11t��ved �y this CQur�t have b�:��t <br /> paid; tha't all cla3tss or obli�ations nat no� on fi3e ar� forever <br /> barred �nd preclude�, <br /> �'he Uourt fu.z�ther �inds that all expenees of adm:ini�s�ra- <br /> ti.on, includin� c4�rt cos�s and attorney aess h�ve been paid i� full. <br /> IT ZS FUR�fi�:� GRDERED, 4I3Jt3T3GED, �D I3�CRE�D ,B� �H� LGURT'i <br /> Tha� a11 ��cp�nses af administratica�, incZudin,� court cost� and <br /> autarn�y fees, ha�� beer vaid in full.; and that the ��c�cu�rix waiv�� <br /> ar�� sLatutory fe�es for �ervices rendered a� e�ecutrix. <br /> _2_ <br /> �� <br /> ,,-. , ,. ... . _ - <br /> ,-- �_� _ _ �,._.: <br /> . . _... -. _ ... ,..� ..�,� ,. <br /> ¢,.�xH.,, , .... . . <br />