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i <br /> s�v �r� ccur�� cauR� �F x��x, caur��9 NEBr�ASKA <br /> I!� THE N�.ATTER OF TH� ESTAT�' ) <br /> aF ) FSi;AL �'.CRE� <br /> H�i�t;A1V SCHUTT, Daceaeed. � <br /> �tow an this l�th day of Adove�ber, 19b1, being the date <br /> set for hearin� on the Final Report �nd Ps�ition for Sett?ement <br /> in the above entitisd estate, th�s raatter �^ar_�e on for heaw'i.^.� <br /> upon the reparL of the executrix, �liza'�Eth Ellen Schutt, tY�.s <br /> �ourt having g�cined the records and files in the ca$e and b�in�; <br /> fully advised in the premiaea� finds that a12 debts and exper:s�s of <br /> the last illne�s of the decedent, Hez�*iari Schutt, have been paid, <br /> and that receipts are all filed �n tne fil�s of the Court sho��ring <br /> nayment of' all iterns o£ expense �s se� forth ir� �he r�e�itior, fc�° <br /> final account, and that all items af income have bean prop�-r�y <br /> accounted for; that Elizabeth Ell�r. Schutt has pai� the s?id ex-� <br /> penses as so Iisted from her own per�onal funds, e:ccept the su�r� <br /> of `�222.00 rece�.ved for thQ sa�.� v�' ger� pro�erty, whic:-: �r�:s <br /> a�plied to the payx►►ent of the listed �.�ems of expense; ar�c: -_.- <br /> there is no halance ir� the h�nds o�' '�he exscutrixF ar.d Y u�^tn��s <br /> t��e exe�eutrix makss rlo ei��.m a�ai.�st the �state £cr t�e �ar�� sa <br /> paid by the �xecutrix from h�r own separate funds. <br /> The �ourt further finds that Herman Schutt departed u'r�.s ,, <br /> li.fe �estate at Grand Island, Nebraska, on the 1.4th day of Y3ece:�,� <br /> ber, 19b0; .�hat he r��! a r�sident o: �Iall County, I�ebr•aska, �t the <br /> tima v� hi� death� Lhat � pet�tion for pratsate of �+is �r3.11 was; duly <br /> filsd, a�nd that Sli�ab��h �7.len �chutt w�s app�irtecl. e�ecu�rix in <br /> e�nfox�ciity ;�.�h th� prc�vi�ion� of tl�e said wi11 c�ffered for pres�ate <br /> to the County �Qur� of Hall �ot�n�y, �ebr�ask�; and t��hat �liz�.h�t•�z <br /> E3.1ea� �chutt �r�s c��13�'ied and ap�Qinted by �h� Ca�rt �� exeeu�rix <br /> c�f �Ghe F�t�ate cf �3�r��n �chutt, �.ec���ed, �s�d 1�t�Cex� �estaru���,�ry <br /> �re i��aec� �4 h+��ti <br /> Tk�e+ Cc�urt f.'ur�h�r find� that ��rm� �3ehutt w�e married <br /> �t �h+a �i�e �af hi.s d�at�i and ].c�ft �ux�vi.v�.�� him hi,e w�.d,o�r� ��.�.�abeth <br /> Bilen Seht�t. <br /> � <br />�_ <br />