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i <br /> VI <br /> e�s Executrix of this my LAST tiVILL AND TESTAMENT, I hereby , <br /> name N:artha Kirkpatrick Herminbhaus. <br /> IN TESTIPfiONY `u'JHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 29th <br /> day oz June , 19bU. <br /> �thel `�r���illson Hatfield <br /> Ethe ��ai ison Hatfie d <br /> 'r`�e , whose names are nereunto subscribea, do hereby certiiy <br /> that :;thel ��lillson Hatfie'lci, the Testa�rix, suoscribed her narne �o t'r.•� <br /> fore�oin� instrur.:ent composed of tNo type;vritten pa�es , i:.clua�r.� <br /> this pabe , in our presenc� ar_d ir. the presence oi e�cl^ o� us, and at <br /> the same time and in our presence and hearing, declares said ins�ru- <br /> ment to oe her LA3T i�IILL AiVD `�'EST�.,�;iENm, and we , at her request an� <br /> in her presentce and in the p�esence of each other, have hereun:;a <br /> suQscribed our naMes as attestin� witnesses. <br /> N;ar;oury L. Purdy Carl H. I�':a:,�iore <br /> of i�'"ierrick County, Nebr. ci �rand Island, ;debr. <br /> �,NDORSr,P�;�NT: LaST �r'�ILL AND T�STAN�LI�i' <br /> Or <br /> � <br /> iTH�L 'dVILLSON HATFIELD <br /> H;�LL COUivTY, NuBRASKti F I L � D JUL 15 1960 CHARi�ES BO�SF.RT COUNIY <br /> JUDGE <br /> s <br />