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LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> OF <br /> ETHEL WILLSON HATFIEL.D <br /> I, Ethel Willson Hatfield, of Grand Island, Nebraska, bein; <br /> of sound mind, memory and understanding, considering the certainty <br /> of death, do hereby make and publish this my LAST ��iILL AND TESTA- <br /> I'fiENT, hereby revoking and annulling all WILLS by me heretofore made , <br /> in any manner or form whatsoever, and set forth my wishes as follows: <br /> I <br /> I hereby direct that my F�;ecutrix hereinafter named pay all <br /> my just debts and funeral expenses as soon after my death as can - <br /> conveniently be done. <br /> II <br /> I herehy direct that I be buried in the family plot at the <br /> s:;_de of my lovin� husband; that a headstone similar to the marker <br /> on his grave be placed on my grave. It is my further wish that a <br /> cenier monument for the entire family be placed on the burial lot. <br /> It is my further wish that a steel vault be secured for my burial, <br /> III <br /> I am not unmindful of our adopted dau�hter, Ethel Hat�'ield <br /> Niunsterman. l;de have �rovided for her to the best of our ability <br /> in the years that have passed; thereiore I will and bequeath to her <br /> the sum of �p1.0U and no more. <br /> IV <br /> xs to my brother, Huaert E. aVillson, I will and bequeath the <br /> sum oi �1.OU. <br /> V <br /> The balance of my estate , both real property and personal <br /> property, I hereby will and bequeath to my dear friend, Martha I <br /> Kirkpatrick Herminghaus and her heirs, with the further provision ,i <br /> that the articles ir. the house consisting of silver^�►are, china, II <br /> pictures, and jewelry are to be given as gifts by the Executrix, ' <br /> hereinafter nar,7ed, to the several persons named on a list prepared <br /> separately by me namino the several receipiants. <br /> M.L.P. Ethel Willson Hatfield <br /> C.H.l�i. <br /> � ': <br /> r <br />