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I� THE GOUNTY COURT OF HALL COU�TY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE E�TATE OF [ <br /> : D E C R E E <br /> REUBEN S. DOUGL�,S, DEC�ASED. � - - + + - - <br /> �Sow on this 17th day of November, 1961, this eause came on <br /> to be hgard upon t�e pleadings, the re�ord herein and th� evi- <br /> dence and was submitted to the Court on consideration whereof <br /> the Court finds that p�oper and legal notice was given to all <br /> persons intere�ted in said estate, both creditors and heirs, <br /> • in the r:�anner providc:d by law and in accordance with the orders <br /> of this Court. <br /> The Court further finds that the allegations of the P�- <br /> tition are true; that the Last T►�ill and Testamant of the saici <br /> P,euben S. Jou�la�, deceased, was duly probated and allowed in <br /> the County Caurt of Harrison County, �est Virginia, that be�.ng <br /> th.e Court h�ving ��urisdictian o.f the prabate of estates in <br /> s�.i� Stat� of otlest Vi,rginia; that a du3.y authenticatec� copy <br /> of s�id �°li ll and of the probate thereof has been produced and <br /> file� hcruin and that more than two years have elapsed since <br /> the �ate of the death of said Reuben 5. Douglas, and that pe- <br /> titiori�r is entitled to the relie� prayed for in the Petition. <br /> `I'�� Cour� further fin_ds from the records �hat Feuhen S. <br /> �ou�las �ometimes si�ne� h�s name as P�euben a. Douglass, ancl <br /> that in truth an� fact, they are one and tlae same person. <br /> The Gourt further finds from the evidenee that the estate <br /> in Hall Caunty, Alebrasi�a, is less t�an Ten Thousard Dollars <br /> (�1Q,OCG.OG), and that tl2ere is no inheritance tax due the State <br /> of �Vebraska, or f���.eral est�.te tax d�.e the United Stat�s of At;:erica. <br /> IT IS TH��'EFORE CONSIDEFED �Iv�D �DJUDGED �Y THE COURT that <br /> the regu�<-�r aam�rEistration of said e�tste i� this State he and � <br /> the s�i;�e her�by is di5pensed with and saic� �7iI.3 is herebp ad- <br /> �itt�� to pro'�ate and alloNed as ths Last '�iill and T�stament <br /> of t,he sai�? Feub�n Se Douglas, �e�ease�, an� the Court further <br /> find� and dacr�es that the estate oF the said Reuben S. Dougla5, <br /> �eceased, sha11 descend free of alI debts agai�.st the decedent <br /> in accorc�ance �rith the terms of said V�ill anci th� same is h�reby <br /> a3aigi�e� to �h� devisee and lagateQ therein name�l unuer the <br /> provi.sio;1 of said ��Ji11 as follows, to-wit: <br /> TM3. I give, devise, and bequeath al1 the rest and <br /> �resi:3.ue af the property an�3 estate, r�al, gersonal <br /> and r�ixed, of whatsoever nature an� wheresoever <br /> situate, of ��vhich I may die s�ize� or �ossessed, <br /> or in or to which I may haue any right, title or <br /> interest, ta my sister, Lina �Iay Douglas Caldwell. <br /> I h��re made no provision for r�y mother: first, '�e- <br /> cause she was well provi�ed for by thz will of my <br /> �'ath�r; �ut pri�narilp because I know that my sister <br /> c�vi11 �raply provide and care for h�r." <br /> Said �roperty includ�s Lots One (1), Tj�ro (2), and Three (3) <br /> in B1oc'c Twenty (20), in Wa111ch�s Add3.tion to the City, of Grand <br /> Islan�, Hall County, :�ebraska. <br /> IT IS FURTHER CONSIDERED A�dD ADJUDGED BY T�iE COURT that <br /> Reuben S. Douglas sometimes signed his nam� as Reuben S. Douglass <br /> and that in truth and fact, they are one and the sar.►e persons <br /> IT�IS: FURTHER CONSIDERED AND ADJUDGED BY THE COURT that <br /> tY��Je�� i �Hall County, Nebraska, is less than Ten Thousand <br /> 3�0 ,���'s ,�� y DO.QG), and that there is no inheritancs tax due <br /> �'fie- S�a�,r�,°���b;raska, or fe�eral estate tax du� the United <br /> ,s ' ���_t�f ,�ner�,���. <br /> THE . <br /> � - � � ' �� <br /> , : <br /> � � � <br /> ` ,, > .� „ �-.- , <br /> � � .� <br /> , �r��;;� � s; r�� �'� - J D� . <br /> ����� •-i; ,�� � <br /> �� 'C���,�R C F4t'. <br /> ��l yf'a: .� . <br /> _. .;.:�:; ... �,,. <br /> � <br />