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BOOK 18 PAGE 292 <br /> STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, <br /> In the . . . . . . . . . . .Count� Court of Harrison County. <br /> In open court, Tuesday, March 5th, 1935 <br /> This day came Kendall H. Keeney and presented and offered for <br /> probate a paper writing purpo rting to be the last wilg and testament <br /> of Reuben S. Dcuglass,decessed. <br /> And it anpearing to the Court that the said decedent, at the <br /> time of his death had a known place of re sidence in the �ounty of <br /> F�arrison and State of West Virginia, thereup on came Chas. E. Lamberd <br /> and Robt. B. Stotler the two subscribing witn esses thereto , who, <br /> after being duly sworn, did depose and sav th�t Reuben S. Dou�lass <br /> the testator, sig�ed and acknowled�ed the said paper writing as <br /> and for his last will and testament in their presence , and at the <br /> time thereof, the said Reuben S. Dou�lass was of sound m2nd and <br /> disposing memory, an d over the age of twenty-one nears, and at the <br /> request of the said Reuben S. Dou�lass thev, the said Chas. E. <br /> Lamberd and Robt. B. Stotler, both signed their names to said paper <br /> writin g in the presence of the said testator, and in the presence <br /> of each other, as attesting witnesses thereof. <br /> The said wili, being thus proved, is admitted to probate and <br /> ordered to be recorded and filed as directed by law. <br /> Attest: <br /> Charles Fealen, Clerk <br /> z <br />