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ZN THE C�UNTY COURT QF HALL C0�7NTY, NESR�KA <br /> IN TFIE MATTER 4F TFi� 3�STATB OF ) 5683 <br /> ) FINRY� DECREE <br /> LLOYD WILLIAM Gf}X, de�eased ) <br /> This matter came on for h�aring upon the final xepart <br /> and the petit3on �or final set�lement of the administratrix, and <br /> for a decree of heirshig hexein, and due and legal notiee oE <br /> hear.Lng having been given as pravided by law, and the Court being <br /> fully ad�iaed in the preraises, finds: <br /> 1, That said final report and �uppler�ent thereto is <br /> correct and should be aliowed; <br /> 2. That the statements and allegations in said petition <br /> £or f3nal settlement are true anci correct. <br /> 3. That said administratrix took possession of the <br /> personal property belanging tv said estate and hag paid all debta <br /> an d c�.aims allowed and the costs and Fxpenses of aclministrationt <br /> 4. That there is no i.nheritance tax, esta�e tax, gift <br /> ta� ar other tax dua and owing from said estate. <br /> 5. That there is now left in the hands of the administra- <br /> trix the swm of SZ73.21; <br /> 6. R�hat Lloyd William Cox died intestate, a resident of <br /> Grand Zsland, Hall County, Nebraska on May 9, 1960 and left the <br /> fol].owing seven heirs at law= <br /> Margie McCormack, sister, over twenty-ane years of age, 3803 Adams, I <br /> Des NSoines, Iowa, her husband, Dw�,ght MeCox-�niak, <br /> Della Parr, sister, over twenty-one years of age, Z602 7th Street, ' <br /> Brookings, South Dakota, 1�er husband, Merle Parr, <br /> Hazelle Sngram, sf.ster, aver twenty-one years of age, Louisville, <br /> Nebraska, her husband, James Ingramf <br /> Gladys Brandt, sister, over twenty-one years of age, 3734 Garfield, <br /> Lincoln, Nebraska, her husmaad, Elmer Brandtf <br /> Benjamin Cox, brother, ov�:r twenty-one yeare of age, Merna, <br /> Nebza�cka hi� wife, Una CoxF <br /> Ralph Cox, brother, over tw�nty-one years og age, Broken How, <br /> Neb�a�ka, hi� wi€�, Mary Coxt <br /> Chester Cox, brother, ov�r twenty�one yeare of age, 1310 Dei Valle, <br /> La Puente, California, his wife, Hazel Cox. <br /> / <br />