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�`�� " ' . v . . " <br /> The court find� that at the time af her death, the decessed� Blanche Lee <br /> Smith, under the nau� of Blanche M. S�ith� was the aranet of the Nortt�west t,�uarter <br /> (i+iN1�) pf �eCtion 3S, 3n Tawnsbip 10 Hor�h. Range 13, 1�est of the 6th P.M., in <br /> �uffala County. �iebrsska. arnl that the same is the real estata ctescribed in and <br /> referred to in Itex VI uf the last wili of ti� deceased� aacl does pass in aeccrdance <br /> therewith to Bdwin Lee Sa�ith. <br /> The eourt further finds that the deceased �t the time of t�r death waa ttas <br /> owsier of the Southeast Quarter of the gouthw�at Qusrter CSB�S�t�) a�d tt� Sauth Half <br /> of the SoutMMest Quarter of tt� SouthwesE Quarter (S�SW��W}) of Section 20� and Lots <br /> 1� 2 and b Ci�land) of 3ection 29, a12 in Tawnship 9 North, Aa.n� 1�, West of the <br /> bth P.M.� in Haii Couaty� Nebraslca. awd that the same is the reai estate described in <br /> and referred ta in Item V sf the last wili of tM deeeased� and dce s pass in accordance <br /> ther��rith ta Geor�e Washington Saith. <br /> IT IS THHRHFO�tB CnNSIDBRBU, �i�JUDGE�I AND DECRBBD }3Y THB �nURT: that the said <br /> Bianch� Lee Smith, also knov� and being o� and the same person as Blanche M. Smith� <br /> died as above set forth� that an authenticated eopy of her last will az�i codicil �nd <br /> the osi�inal proceedin�s to admit the same to probate in the Circuit Court of Qrange <br /> C�unty, North Carolir_�,, h$ve been duly allowed ancl admitted to probat� herein� and that <br /> ai1 of her ass�ts in Nebras��, mo=e specifically tt�e reai �state described above. <br /> does pass and desaend ia accqrdance th�rewith and to the respective individuals named <br /> in accordarice with #he abov� findings; that a12 claims against this e�tate are barted; <br /> that the costs ar_d expenses of a.d�inistration have bbeen paid; that inheritance tax <br /> liabilities have been determined and fully satisFied, and that the real estate above <br /> descxibed does pass and descsnd tv the respeeti� devis�es free and ci�ar of all <br /> debts� ciaims and i.iabilities; that the report of the administsatot with will anne�ced <br /> is approv�ed� aiul ther� being no persanal asse�s to account for or distribute. the said <br /> administrator is here by discharged from his trust. his bond rele ased� and this e�tate <br /> closed. <br /> (SFAL) Harvey hi, lh�ilson <br /> Filed Nov 10 1961 Coup�y J�B� ' <br /> Harvey M, Wilson <br /> County Judge <br /> � <br />