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3� � � � . . <br /> `l <br /> `�,4,:a <br /> \�'t i. <br /> IN THB t�OUNPY 00[JRT OF BUFFALO CWNTY� NBBRASIU <br /> IN TFIB MATTBR OF THH BSTATB ) <br /> ) <br /> OF ) FINAL DBCRBB <br /> ) <br /> BIANCH$ I9B SMTTH� D�BASBD ) <br /> Now on this lOth day of November, 1961. this cause came on for final <br /> _ hearing. The court finda that due �tice of tix time� place and purpose of t�ia. <br /> hes►ring has been given to all peraona interested in this estate in the manner <br /> provided bp law. and that thia matLer is norv properly before the court for final <br /> he ar ing. <br /> The Court finds that Blanche Lee �nith. who was also known and was one and <br /> the same person as Blanche M. 3mith� died on the 13th day of December, 1959� a <br /> re�ident of Orange County� North Carolina. that by proceedings duly instituted <br /> in the Superior Court of Orange County, North Carolina. said court having original <br /> jurisdiction thereof. the last will and testame nt of the said Blanche Lee Smith <br /> and codicil thereto w�ere duly allov�ed and admitted to probate therein on the 1Sth <br /> day of Decer�ber, 1959; that subsequently a duly authenticated copy of said will <br /> and codicil� and the proceedings had thereon were duly filed in this court, and <br /> duly and re gularly admitted to probate herein as and for the last will of the <br /> said Blanche Lee Smith and codicil thereto� and that H. L.Black.�ed�e was duly <br /> appointed and qualified as administrator with wi11 annexed� and proceeded to an <br /> administration of saideestate in so far as applicable to the assets located within <br /> the State of �3ebraska; that all af such proce:�dings then ar� subsequently had <br /> were in conforn�ity to law. <br /> The court £urther finds that due not3ce was given ta all creditors of this <br /> estate. that no clai�s were filed herein� and that an order has been heretofore <br /> entered barring any claims not filed; that �I1 of the costs and ex�enses of ad- <br /> ministration herein have been paid; that the inhesitance tax liat;ilities have been <br /> determined, and that tt� t�es sv found�. have been paifl� and that �coper receipts <br /> ,;� <br /> the=efor are now on file. <br /> The court further finds that the deeeased died possessed of no personal <br /> assets in the �#ate of Ntbraska� that the admini5trator cam�e into possession of <br /> no personai assets or incowe during the coarse of administratio�, and that the <br /> report of the administrator filed herein should be arni is i�reby approv�d. <br /> � <br />