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��'� • • ' ' <br /> �y Executrices and Executors shall have the properties referred to in <br /> Items III., IV., V. and VI appraised to ascertain the fair market value Lhereof <br /> as to the date of � death and shall total the values of all of said properties. <br /> �en �yr Fxecutrices and Executors shall divide the total appraised value theraof <br /> by four and shall charge to the devi.see receiving a�ore in value than one-fourth <br /> of the appraised value of all of said groperties the difference t�etween the <br /> one-fourth of the said value of all properties devised by said I��ms IiZ., IV., <br /> V. and VI., and the value of the propertp devised under Items ItI., IV., �., and <br /> VI to him or her, as the case may be, ar.d shall p�y therefrom to any of said <br /> devisees recei ving under either Item III., IV., V. of YI. property valued less <br /> than one-fourth of the. total value thereof an amount equal to tne difference <br /> betxeen the value of the property so dewi�ed to him or her, as the case may be, <br /> and one-fourth of the appraised value of all such properties. 5aid arnounts ao <br /> pay�ble are thereby to be de2i�►ed frota the awms paid in to �y Facecutrices ar.d <br /> ; <br /> Executors and ahall constitute a l.ien upon the share of eaati devise.�owing same <br /> until gaid. To that end each of said devisees under Items III., �V., V. and VI. <br /> shall share equal�y in value �rith each other of �aid devis�es inse^ said �tems <br /> Of aq* Will• �' <br /> > <br /> �e necessitq of the foregoing appraisal may be,;eliminated provided each <br /> of said persons named in Itens ZII., Iii., V. and VI. snall agree as to the <br /> fsir market value of each of said described prnperties. Zn tne event of such <br /> an �greement no appraisal is hereby required thereof, and the �alue so <br /> determined shall be bindin� upon each of said deviseas, their neirs, personal <br /> representatives a�id assigns. Although the same does not constitu�e a part o� <br /> a�y Estate� the property referred to in Ttem IV. shall ba so treat,ed for all <br /> intents and purposes in computing the total value of the properties referred to <br /> in Items III., IV., v. and VI and the share of Eleanor �aith Godfrey in <br /> arriving at this equalization of those specifically devised praperties under <br /> those several items III., Iif. V. and VI. oi' iqy said Will. <br /> In all other respects I do hereby ratify and confi� my Last Will and <br /> Testament dated Angust 3, 195�. <br /> s,..' <br />