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i <br /> / , <br /> 3 g� . • • . . <br /> NOR�i CAROLINA <br /> ORAN(3B CQ1t�t1''Y <br /> CODICIL TO I,LgT AfILL AND �STAIiENT <br /> QF <br /> ELANCI� L�E 9[ITH <br /> I, �N�HE LGB :�tITH, of the Town of Chapel I�i.I1, in the County of Orar�e, <br /> Sta�e of North Carolina, do hereby maka, publish and declare thia to �e a First <br /> CodiMl to the Lut 1Pi1.� and Tbstament heretofore made, signed, sealed� publisned <br /> declared, and eacecuted by me� begM�g date of August 3, 195�, this is to sayi <br /> FIRST� Ite* I. in ite entirety is nereby stricken irom said Will and in- <br /> listi thereof is provided a ne+► Itet I. to read as followas <br /> I'IE3i I. <br /> I direct that �r bcecutricea and Executors, ad the case may be, hPreinafter <br /> naaed� ahall pap all of �• �8t debts, funeral and administration e�cpenses, ar.d <br /> all State and Federal Estate and Inheritance Taxea, (including ar�y such tazes <br /> on praceeda of 11fe inaurance on �r life and on gifts or otner assets passir� <br /> outside of this Will� but proper�y includable as a part of rc� ad�usted gross <br /> estate for InheMtance and�or S,etate tax purposes) out of ;,,:e residuary funds of <br /> �r estate, xith flill right of recovery by u� desiduary estate out ol tne funds <br /> or property so taxed or from the donee, legatee or devisee to xnom such property <br /> shall pass, or has pa;ged, and i direct a�y Executrices or i�:xecutors recover the <br /> same prior to auZy final distribution of �qy estate. <br /> S�C�IDs Under Items III� IV, and yi� o, said �v�ill :ated August 3, 1950 I <br /> devise@ certau,n specific properties to each o� rqy chi:Ldren and, inter alios, <br /> made certain provisions xith reference to the equalization of shares under <br /> Item VIII. thereof. Except as is in conflict with this itera of this Codicil, or <br /> a$ �y it amended or modified, I do reaffirm each of the Items III, IY.,V., and <br /> YIII. of �y Will. Ite�as VIII� of tq�r said Will is modified and amended in the <br /> Yolloxing respects onlyr <br /> , <br /> Item VTII. of n�y said �ill is further revised alid amended to provide, � <br /> � <br /> and I do hereby naminate� constiture and appoint � daughters, Bernadina , <br /> � <br /> Sullivan and Bleanor Smith Godfrey, Executrices, and uqr sona, Edrrin Lee 3aith <br /> and George 1�. $mith� .Jr., gxecutflrs of my said last iYill and 'Peatament. ; <br /> i <br /> � <br /> ' � � � i <br /> � <br /> � <br /> i <br /> S�- � <br />