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�t�J ' . ' ' • .. <br /> I have nade no advancements nor gifta to ar�* child of mine to be accounted <br /> for to � Sacecutrix and Bcecutor or in the setta�ement of aqr &state, except <br /> that aqr davghter, Fleanor (3odfrey'a ahare in aqr esta►te snall, regardless of �y <br /> intereat therein, iriclude the ful.l f�ir market value of the property referrod <br /> to in Ite� IV of thia Will. <br /> In ascertainiag the fair market value of any portion of � I�state, m�+ I <br /> Ekecutrix and &�cecutor aha11 �e bound by the fair market value agreed thereon �, <br /> by all of �y children and in the event thqy cannot agrea, then the value placed <br /> thereon by �n appraiaer appointad by all of a6r said children. <br /> In the achninistration of � estate, �yy �ecutrix and Executor are <br /> authoriaed and ampowered, in the exercise of their sole discretion, to lease� <br /> aell, exchange, or convert real or personal propertp, public�y or pr�vately, <br /> �eithout publication thereof or Court order therefor, 'in such manner and upo� <br /> such teris as thcy ahall deas advisable; to execute leases, contracts of sale, ' <br /> deeds, notes and mortgages as maq► be necessazy or proper to borrorr money, giving <br /> aa security therefor a lien or mortgage on aqy property of ►rr.ich I die seized <br /> and possessed; to ma4ce ar�v kind of ar�Y investment in ar�y ldnd of busi_ness or <br /> aecurity for ar�y length of time; and to perform all other acts xhich they dee� <br /> advi.sable in the a�inistration and settlement of �qy Irstate. <br /> I� TESTI1t0i�tY WHSRS�', and of all the foregoing, I have hereunto aet a�y <br /> hand and seal, thia the Aug. 3— day of August, 19�0. <br /> S1 Blanche Lee Smith (SFJ1L} <br /> SIGNED, S&ALED, PUBLZSHLD AIv'D DECLARID by the Testator, BLA^1CHE LEE S1(I`14I <br /> As and for her Last �ill and Testamerit in the presenca of us, who, at her <br /> request and in her presence and in the presence of one another, have hereunto <br /> set our handa ae �ritnesses. <br /> liI TNESSEu t ADDRF;SS s <br /> S/ Elizabeth W. ltannirg Chapel Hill, N. C� <br /> 3/ H. C. 1�cAllister Chapel Hill, N. C. <br /> S/ John T. Kanning ChapeZ Hill, �. C. <br /> Filed Jun 7 1961 � <br /> . Harvey M, Wilson � <br /> County Judge <br /> � <br />