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'�g�l • • • • , � • � . ,' <br /> ITSY V. <br /> I hereby give, devise and bequeath to � son, George Washington 9mith, <br /> Jr., per stirpes� npr South Farm located in Hall County, lvabragka together rrith <br /> all farYe equipment and liveatock, used in cacinection thererrith� and �11 groxing <br /> crop� located thereon at ad death, sub�ect to any tenancy egreement. <br /> I TI+�[ VZ. <br /> I hereby givs, devise and 'eequeath to �Y son, �dRin Lee Smith, per stirpes, <br /> q North Carm located in Buffaloe County, Nebraska, together rritn all farm � <br /> equipment and lineetock, uaed in connection there�ith, and all growing crops <br /> located thareon at ma► death, sub,ject to aqy tenancy agreement. , <br /> I TF.B�( VI I. <br /> After the satisfaction of all raquire�ants placed upon it by ILem ViII•, <br /> all of the rest, residue, and renainder of my estate of wnatsoever na�ure and � <br /> nhereaoerer located, including ar�r property over w�hich I have or may have power <br /> of appoinLnent, and including lapeed and roid legacies and devises, a.nd all otner <br /> legacies and deviaea failing for ar�y reason to vest and take effect, I give, <br /> devise and bequeath to � four children abo�e nemed, share ard share alike, <br /> per stirpe�. Wherever the words "per stirpes" are used in c.his �i.:il, I mean to ' <br /> say that should the child of a�ine to �+hom arLy property shallbe devised predecease <br /> me or die xi.thin ninety days after my death� then the properi;ies by this will <br /> devised to ar�* chilci of mine, I hereby devise and bequeath, share and siiare alike, <br /> to the bodi�,Y issue of said child. � <br /> I'PH[ YIII. , <br /> , <br /> I naminate, conatiture and appoint �y daughter, �.eanor Smith 1o�ifrey, �. <br /> and my son, Ed*1n Lea Smith, �Cecutrix and Executor oi this a�v 1�fi.11. �'rom �11 . <br /> of �r properties of every nature except the properties specifically devised under <br /> Iteme ZII� IVi V� and VI remaining after the satisfaction of a11 pavme��ts <br /> required of them under Item I. hereof and before the di.stribution of the <br /> remainder of m�r eatate; I do hereby require that m� �xecutrix and Exec:itor st�all <br /> pap in cash or di�tribute in Idnd propertY in fair market v�lue e�uivalent to <br /> the difference in the fair market val.ue at a�y death of the �roperty devieed to <br /> at�y child under Iteaee III� IV, V and/or VI and the fair Market ralue of the <br /> most valuabl.a of said properties speciiically devised under Itena III, IV, V, <br /> 'and VI, to the end that each childi per stirpea, shall be given, bequeathed and <br /> desise�� and receive a share in aq� Estate equal each other of my said <br /> ;ahildren. . <br /> . Y <br />