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The court �urther find� ths� the ex�ense� o� ths l�st : <br /> illness and itinsxal expenses: have besn pa:�.d in £uii. The �ourt <br /> finds that thexe has been= �iied ir� this es�a�e a elear�nee ��am <br /> the County Rssessar and .the Gou�ty T�easurex o� Ii�ll Count�r, <br /> Nebraska. The Gourt furt'trer �i.nds t11�►t. the court co�t� in this <br /> estate are the stug af S 86.�+g t �at t'he �xecutor ha�s so ld al l <br /> the real estate, and when compltted, the total amount passir�g <br /> throuqh his hands will b� the sum of $3�. and it is 'hereby <br /> 7�- <br /> determined that the Executor's fee should be the sum a$ $�` <br /> being based ugon the total amc�unt which he has or will receive <br /> and d3.stribute among the pez�sons entit3.�d tY►ereto; and that the <br /> attorney fee for the attorney for the estate is the sum of <br /> � <br /> r�� ���! . The Couzt further finds that both the <br /> Executor and the attorney for the estate have filed their con- <br /> sent Eor the elosing of this estate without the payment o€ attor- <br /> ney fee or the Exscutor's fee, the same to be satisfied for <br /> by them the legatees and devisees, and that neither �he <br /> Executor's fee nor the attorney fee shall be a lien against the <br /> real estate in any manner whatsoeves. <br /> The Court further finds that any balance remai.ning after <br /> paying the court co�ts shou].d be retained by tlse Ex�cutor to <br /> apply on his Executor's fees and expenses i.ncurred by him. and <br /> upon fi.ling his receipt for said sum he be discharged and this <br /> estate closed, and said $x�cutor and his attornev to look to the <br /> devisees for the payment of the charges. ` <br /> IT IS THEREFORE ORDSRED, ADJUDGSD, ALID DECREED BY THE COURT <br /> that the final report be and tt�e �aine is in ail thinqs ratified, <br /> approved, and confirmed by the courtt tha�t upon receipting for <br /> the balance remaining in his hands of $95.62, and upon paying <br /> the court costs in the sum of $ 86.75 and receiptinq �or <br /> 2. �°" <br />