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/ <br /> This instrument was on the day of the date thereof, si�ned, <br /> published and declared by the said testator Albert H. �J. Leu�haeuser to ne <br /> his Last Y�iill and Testament in the presence of us who at his request <br /> have subscribed our names thereto as witnesses in his presence and <br /> in the presence of ezch othe: and who do hereby certify that at the <br /> time of the execution of saict ;�ill, the testator •�ras o� sound and <br /> disposing rrind and memory and understandin� and under no restraint. <br /> Robert L. �ievers <br /> r. G. Hursri <br /> �NDGRSEi�;EiVT: '��JILL Or <br /> �loert H. ��J. Leuthaeuser <br /> H:�LL COUNT'Y, NEBR�SKti F I L �; D APR 7 19b1 CHaRLES BO�S�RT CCUId'�'Y <br /> JUDGE <br /> �: <br />