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�� . <br /> ', : , <br /> IIu THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL CQUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN TIi� MATTER OF THE ESTATE ) Estate I3o. 5755 <br /> ) <br /> OF ) FIhAL DEGREE <br /> ) <br /> MIIkItiIE SCHROEDER, Deceased ) <br /> 'I'his r:iatter came on for hearing upon t he Final Report anc <br /> Account and the Petition for FS.na1 Settlement of Account o£ the <br /> Executar, and for a Decree of Heirship herein, aetermina�ion of <br /> inh�ritance tax liability, artd due and legal notice af hearing <br /> h�ving been given as provided by law, and the Court being fully <br /> advised in the premises� finds: <br /> l. Th�t said Final Account is correct and should be <br /> a��.aared. <br /> 2. That the statements snd allegations in said Petitior� <br /> ��e�r Ein�al Settlemen� are true and correct. � <br /> 3. That the �xecutor cfid not receive any personal prcp��y <br /> h�lenG?n� to the esrate hut that he has nersonallq paid all �ebt� <br /> anc liens allowed an� the easts anri expenses of adminis�ra�ion ��� <br /> ��k�� nc f�,zrt��r c1�i� fc .r �ea.:;���iirse�n�nt� <br /> 4. That there is no inheri�aylce tax ctue the S�ate of <br /> T��i�raska from any of the heirs, �evi��es �nd le�at�a� of t�:�; <br /> decea�ed and tnat there is no Fe�eral �:st�tt� Tax liabi].ity. <br /> 5. That �iinnie 5chroed�r died testate, a residen� �i <br /> Ha�l County, Nebraska on October 17, 1960 and le£t as her �o1e <br /> r�x�t only heirs et law �he follawing named person�, tfl-wit: H�.r;� <br /> Sc;h�oeder, surviving husband, Rose V�nc�er�ocl and Alma Herman, <br /> �isters, Dick Husman, Jr., Hgrry Hu�meri and Hans Husman, brot���•�, <br /> i���rc�€�nd Ruge, I�obert RuAe, and ciu�h Brandenburg, �hildren r,� a de��a��� <br /> sis�er, �nna �2uge, and Yvonne Cavanau�h, Lonna Powell and Davi�� <br /> I�usm�n, ��ildren oF a dec�ased brother, Henry Husman. <br /> 6. That the s�icl I�;innie Schroeder, de�e�sed, died sei��ci, <br /> o� the fo22owing described r� e�t�t�, ta-wit: <br /> Lo�s Three t�), :Four {1�), Fiv� t51 and <br /> 8ix �b) ib Husma�nts Subdivision, an <br /> Addition tv the �i�q of Grand �gland, <br /> Hall Countq, Nebraska. <br /> ��i ; <br /> � <br />