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Lot Five (5) , Block Nine (9) , Wallich's Addi- <br /> tion to th� City of Grand Islarid, Hall County, <br /> Nebraska; <br /> thet said real estate, together with al1 personal �ro�e�ty, <br /> and the h���nc� on han� �s shown by said Final Regort, passed <br /> and descended by aperation aF law �n undivided one-rhi.rd �1/3� <br /> to each: <br /> Crystal Lucile Conger, dau�hter, <br /> Edwara L, Ro��rs, �on, and <br /> Harold M. Rogers, son, <br /> ir. ab�olu4e title. <br /> 6. That the time fixed £or filin� claims against sazd <br /> estate has expired and notice thereaf has heen �;iven all. per- <br /> sons interested as reqnired �y law; that al.I cZaims filed have <br /> been allawed and paid. and ar► order entered barring any ar.d all <br /> further elaims; that a11 cla�.r�s, expensr�s of last illnes�, <br /> �uneral expenses and expenses af ada�inistration, includit�� court <br /> cosLS, attarraey and administrator's fees due herein have been <br /> paid in full ancl receipts :Eiled with the Gaurt � <br /> 7 � Tha� �aid estat4 has been appxaised for Inher.ita�ce Tax <br /> purposes �nd th€ Report of said �.ppraiser has heretofore 1��8n <br /> alZowed and the amovnt af tax f�und due and owing p�id and � <br /> receipt Cherefor filed; tha� said estate �.s sub,�act tca no turther <br /> I�ebraska Inheritance or Estate Tax or F�dc�ral tistate �a.c, that <br /> a12 the p�rsonal prop�r�q of the dec�dent and �he baiance showx� <br /> by said �ina�. repar� is hexe�aith �ssigned and �et over one-third <br />� EZI�? tfl each: � <br /> Crystal Luc�le C.onger, dsughter, <br /> �:ch+�ard L. RQg�rs� , �on, anc� <br /> Haro�d M. Ra�e��, scrn, , <br /> a�d tt�t receipt� fc�€ fina�. d#�etr�.butiar� a�� on file, <br /> � <br /> � <br /> , <br /> ::,;� <br /> ,�.. <br />