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I1�T THE COUNT7[ COt1RT dF HIILL CpU`DI�Y'i N� <br /> . <br /> IN THE I�ATTER bF �fiE F,3TATE ) <br /> B�TATL I�13. �_ <br /> u� ) <br /> D�BR� DE��tINIl� INH�RTTANCE TAR <br /> NITA HI,Y, DF�F�A3ID. ) <br /> This csause ca� on to be heard this �d,epr ot aa�o'ber� 19b1.� �pon the peti- <br /> tic►n o�' I�telv3,n L. B1y� husbar�d uf said deaeasedi fva� a deter�ia�att�n ot' �,y Hebraska <br /> Inheri„t�nce Tax due or owing ia this aa�se aad �he vbl.unta�y appearaace and va�.ve� <br /> of nptice to ahow aeuse of the Got�nty Att�vx�►ey of Hall Ct�v�y� Nebraska� and tt►e <br /> court fix�cis th�t said decadent died a r8 sid�t af 'Ha11 Cvuntyt Nebraska and that <br /> thi� cc►urt has �ctri�diction o.f the�e prce�edings; .thnt it is epgare�t to the eourt <br /> that there �s �o £iebraska inherit�zee tax due or n�ir�g h�re3.n �d th�at th�s� prsa- <br /> ceedings proper].y ccx�� w3thin the prav�.s3,ana of 77-20I8.a2 (is) oi the Rev3�ed <br /> i Statutes of Nebrasl�, 191�3, �s arn�nded in 19�9. <br />� <br /> The co�zrt fur�her �inds that Riita B],y di�d July 31, '1961, intea�tate� thmt she <br />' w�s also kna�ri as arxi wa� �n� a� the same per�vn as Nita R. �1,Y; that ea�.d de- <br /> cedent o�ned xar, prQper�y a•sc�, probate er set�inis�rat�x� of her estat�, and <br /> that �7.1 debt� ar�d �xpensss o:f her 1��'C i3.].nes� and busia3 have been g��.d by th� <br /> petit3aner as surviving husband of s�1d deced�t; that Nita Bly let`t he� surviv-. <br /> ing as her �ale heirs-at-law tl�e �'o2lawing per�c,n$: Melvi� L. B�,y, her hu�band� <br /> A11s Dald, her �ofi;hher. <br /> The cz�urt furthe� find� that at 'tYse tiroe cf her death, the deeedent was own��r <br /> ag �oint tenant � Melvin L. B1y� her husband� of the fol�.o� described pro- <br /> perty which prcpex�y had a fa�r �ket v�lue �� of �uly 31�, 19b1. $s set forth be'lt�w= <br /> All of B1.ock Li�hty (80) in Whee+�.er and B�tin�e�t�s Fvurth Additiun <br /> to the Ci�� of �rsnd Is3and,� Aiebraska�, anci all o� Block N3ne�y- <br /> Three (93� ir Wheeler ar�d Benrsett�s Fourt,h Add�i.tina tu th� Gity <br /> of Gr�ru3 Ieland,� Nebraaka �1Qi040.00 <br /> Th� Alc�rtherly Fi�"ty�•Txo FQ�t (NS��) vf Fracttivru�l Lo�e Eight <br /> (8) and Ni.r�e (�) in �r�tivnal F3'Lcak N�nsteen (19) 9.r� H. G. <br /> C lark o s Add�.� ta the City at Qr�rid 2�1and� I�ebre�ka� <br /> having 8 value o� ' 4,O�t}.UU <br /> Tt� Idvrther Seventy-T�nree Feet (N73i) t+f LQ� Fa�r (!�) ir� <br /> Black Txo (2� ir: Nagy�e Additiwn �a the C3ty of G�and Ialand <br /> Nebra�ka, togeth�r with easement r��h��, hav�.ng a �$lue of 3,U0(�.00 <br /> S�vings �.aczount i.n The Eq,ultable Bu�.l.dia�g �d Lcten Assoe3.a- <br /> t3o�n of Gr�nd S�ls�d� �tebraaka l��11�.61 <br /> Ch�ck:lr�g Aacaunt 11$.Q� <br /> T�ro au'�o�bile� I,B�CO�q <br /> t3ross Val�e �23�,051.61 � <br />