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LAST WILi, AND TESTAN`,�,NT OF LENA GALYEAN <br /> IN THE NAP+T,E OF GOD, ,�MEN <br /> I, Lena Galyean, being of sound mind and disposing <br /> memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be my Last <br /> '�Jill and Testament, in manner and form following, hereby re- <br /> vokin� any and all former Wills by me made , that is to say: <br /> T� <br /> I hereby direct that my executrix, hereinaf ter named, <br /> pay all of my just debts, includin� those of rriy last iliness <br /> and burial, so soon as is reasonably possible after my demase . <br /> II. <br /> I hereby direct that any and all bank accounLs of <br /> whatever nature that I may nold at the time of my death in a <br /> survivorship account with any of my children or any other per- <br /> sons, after the payment of any expenses: of burial, iast illness, <br /> and other claims, the balance is to be equally divided between <br /> my three beloved children, <br /> Louis D. Scheel, son, Grand Island, :Vebraska <br /> Henry F. Scheel, son, Granci Island, Nebraska <br /> �velyn E.Wixson, daughter, Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> III. <br /> I hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my three be- <br /> loved children, above named, all of my property, both rea:L anc� <br /> pers�nal, of whatever nature and wherever situated, that I may <br />� now own or hereafter acquire , to be theirs absolute in fee <br /> simple title. <br /> IV. <br /> I h�reby nominate and appoint my beloved daughtex, <br /> Evelyn Ee Wixson, as executrix of this my last Will a�.d Testamen� <br /> and direct that she be allowed to serve as such without giving <br /> bond. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set, my hand this <br /> 7th day of December, 1949• <br /> Edna Arndt <br /> W NESS <br /> LLo d W Kell �AGalXean <br /> W TNESS <br /> - � <br /> , <br /> ,.,-,. __ ._ - .�_ ._ . __ _. ,,. _, <br /> � ��. ..,: .�-r,,.. ...,�. .�,�:: .:,.:-.: <br />