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�F��'�"';.... .. , .... . . . .._._ . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . _ . . .. . ,. <br />�, ^ . <br />�k, <br />��F; <br /> Ej. `�� <br />�;j <br /> for the appuinLmeu� c►f sRiti Jack D. Parker aa Ad�iulstr'at�or of the Setate of eai`d <br /> deceaasd, t�at no praceedlrigs for administra�ion of hie eet�►te had been aommenced in <br /> az�y County in the 9t�t� oP �Fsbraaka� �hat sa3.d deceaeed died seized and possesaed of <br /> prvperty loaated in Hall Ceur�y� �ebraaka� requiring adminiatration of hie estate, <br /> and on the 8th day of I�4arch� 1961, an order o� �e Court raa made thex�sin aaaigning <br /> the 5t�h dmY of April, 19b1s at 1Q=00 c�c'Lcck A.K. et the Cvunty Court Room in said <br /> Gouaty aa t2�e time and ul.ace Yor hearing said petition� and orderin_a, that notice of <br /> tbe peadet�g cY sa�d p�titit�n sbd hearin� thcrecn be �iven to all per�ons inLereated <br /> in aaid aause by publishing as�d notice in the Gram�3 Isl�d Iadependent, a legal <br /> a�rspaper printeu in said Coanty, f�r t�roe s�.ccee�ive veeka p�ior to said day of <br /> h�ariag, and lt agpears bT prooY on iYle that sai3 notice Mae given as arderefl by <br /> C�urt amd that E copg of the firat p;tbliesstion aY said r�,�ice xa,s mai2ed to all <br /> Snter�ated per�s wlthin t.he time #�ced by La�r. <br /> TFII1tD <br /> The C�rt further findm that Jack D. Parker named in said pet3.tion, Wa� upon <br /> hia giving band xn the sum af $1,�O.001 as ordered by this Cocirt! appointed Admin- <br /> ist.rat,or as pr�yedj the Court fnrther Yinds that the deceaeed �t the time oY his <br /> death xas sn unr�a�.arr�isd �eirloraer, �nd xas surTiv'�d only b8 his children, namelys <br /> C+1en I. Parker� LeBerta F. RQxen� G�r�ldlne P. Hall and Jac�k D. Parker. <br /> FDtktTH <br /> The ��surt f'urther finds that on the 5th dsy of !►pri1� ]961� an c�rder �aas made <br /> therein s� ereditor� three �nths Pm� an�ct af�er thm 3rd day of May, 1961, <br /> in xh3eh to file their eslai� ag�inat saa�:i..d es�ate and sa3.d Adrain�.strstc►r one y�er <br /> in whiah t�o settle �aid �ata�Es, end fu� ordering that not�i,ee to ared3tors be <br /> p�b1#�d �n �he ��nd Ie�l�nd It�depexidet�tx � l.e�a1 a�ewapaper publi�hed and cireula- <br /> �i�g i�a H�1.1 Couuty, �debra��a, f�r �aree st�aae�si� �reeka p�it�' to the 3rd d�► of <br /> May�* 1961� ��td th� a hea�g ar� sltim� f�.led aga3t�t �+ei.d �eatate wc►�2d be held at <br /> the ot�'i�e uf t�he Co�y�nd�e �f FIall C��y, Aiebr�si�a, c►n Angust !s; 19b1 at 9sQ� <br /> o�c7;�� :�.�I.� a�€i i�t epp�ars �y proaf �t f11a �tca� � �►f etaid order wae pub- <br /> '�3sshed �� e�rd�r�d hy th3.s Ca�x'� aGnd �h� $ t��p�r af �he t'3r�tt publie�t�in �f auch <br /> rwi��.�e rr�s �a#.1ec1 �► a►11 #:eit�re��d psr�a� �lt�in the �i� ���d by 1ac�r. <br /> �� <br /> ' �hs �� t'us�la�r �'�,�tda I:ha� o�a fi�hs '��h d�► ot ,�pr11� 1$61� aaid Jack D. P�rker, <br /> �ss iu�3�.�'C�af�r� �i.�.ad � �St� hi�r Itt�nl�s�'�' td.ih a etv�r3* thesz*eof t'�rx th� C���rty <br /> �aiti�aar v�t` Ht11 �c��,jr� �fs���i �# !hs �rr�aert�+�t' r+�i.d eR'watm, ead �v+�x•dtr�� 'bo <br /> ' � <br />