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Il+fi 't� C�i� C�'R� �F �+ GE�t�T�'Y'� �8�� <br /> �x �x� t�t�►�k� uF �� �'�:e�� � ��'�;��� �tci. 58�5 <br /> UF ) � ��ffi <br /> GDURGE T. PA1RI�, DIDC7�AS�i3. ) <br /> 3T�T� fJF NEBEtA3KA � <br /> € s�. <br /> COUNTY UF HALL ) <br /> At a ses�ion sf t.he Gouz�t� Coux� held in end for s,�id County c►f H�sll„ Stat� cf <br /> Nebraska' this Z.1th �.y af Gctober, 7.9b1. <br /> Presentz Charle� Baa��r�, �o�ty �l�dge. <br /> BE IT R��D '�hat dn the 12th ci�y c�f Septexnbe�, 1961�, �teek D. Parker, <br /> Administrai�ar o.f #.he Estate t�f Gec�x'ge T. Parkera Deceased.t filed in thi� Court <br /> his final reps�rt ar�d accaun'ting as such Admin3�t.rator and a petit�.csn that <br /> sa3d account be �11c�rr�di fqr a decree of heirshi.p� a ae�er�inetion of in�ier3#�ance <br /> ta�x, an order pf d3strs.bu't�C,in, � final sett3.ement thereon �nd di�eharg�. <br /> F4r �hese ptzrpu$e�, the day af Uef�ober, 1961� ,at 10:04 q�cloek A,�i. at <br /> the Gounty C�art Rvra� in st�3.d Cvunty wa� assigned a� the tirs� and p�.ace f�r hear- <br /> ing said petitinn� exsm�.ning and a11o�a3.zig �aid account; ancl it �a�s ordered tl�at <br /> notice vf the pendency crf seid petition i�e given tcr all ��~sons intereste� in said <br /> esta'�e by publi.�hang st�ch notice in the Grat�d I�land 17si1�q' InclependEnt, a. 1e�a7. <br /> newspaper printed in said County, fox three weeks pr3.c�r tA said day uf r�arin�; and <br /> it sppears by preaof on file that said notice was �iven as order�d by Court� that a <br /> copg' of th.e fi�st publieation of such nn�ice was mailed to a11 antereste�l persans wi�h- <br /> in �Y�e time fi�ced by ladr� that the Certifiea�Le gf �he C�unty Tre�surer +af H�11 C�runtys <br /> tdebreska, and the Certificate of the Cr�unty Assese�r nf Ii�sll Csaun�ty�, N�braskag set- <br /> tin� fo�th that there are r�fl u�rpaid per�onal tax�s cnring Hall County in i-his estate <br /> have been f�iled wit,h this Caurt in th�.� causep �nd thet no ob�eations to said final <br /> �ccount or petitipn h�ve been �de or filedf and <br /> Upon sxamiiut�on of f�e reec�rd a�d th� ev��.c� �.n this matter and nein�; du1,,y <br /> advised in the, the Caurt f3.nci�s a� fallawsa <br /> FI�,ST <br /> That George T. Parker departed thf.s ]3.fe an�'el�ruary 28? �qbl in He11 Cc►tanty' <br /> Nebra�ka, int�str�te� and �� the ti�ne of h1s dga�h he �tao a re�iden.t of Gr�nd I�1�nd,, <br /> in Hall Courrty� I�ebraBka. <br /> 5�1+1D <br /> That 4n the 8th d�y �f March, Z�61, Gl�mn:: I. Psrker, I.eBert�a P. Rcnren and J�ek <br /> D, Pa��cer, being childre� oP the d�ceased, f�.led in 'thl.� CourL 8 petifi�i.on p���ing <br /> l <br />