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, � . <br /> I�d THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUI�TY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN �^HE h;ATTER OF THE �ST�T� ) Estate No. 5749 <br /> ) <br /> C"r' } FIN1�L DECRE� <br /> 3 <br /> s:� Q� J. r�:�cor�auGHEY, Deceased ) <br /> �Jow :,n this ��day of October, 1961, thia matLer came r�n <br /> .t'cr hearin� upon the rinal tteport and Account and the Petitian i'or. <br /> T'��ra:� �ettlement of Account of the Executor, and :or a Decree cf <br /> H�irship herein, and due and Iegal noLice of hearing having been <br /> �i�-er, as Frovideci by l��r, and tre Court bsin� fuliy advised �.n <br /> the preraises, finds: <br /> 1. T'r�at said final accnunt is correct and ahould be al.lo�Ted. <br /> 2. Tr�at tt�e stater�ents and allegations in said Petit;�o:� <br /> �'ur :'�n�l S�tLi�m,�nt 4r� true �nd ccrrect. <br /> � . i't�a� saisi r'acecutor toak possession of ali o� the <br /> ���rsenal property belonging to said esLate and ha5 paid all riebts <br /> �,z-�� c�.aic�s ailowe�s an� the costs and expenses of sdm�.nistration. <br /> w. 'r";:at t�:ere has bee� a determination of inheritance �ax <br /> c+u.�� t>�e �tate of i�°ebraska from trie heirs, devisess and legates� <br /> a.f t�i:�; �;;�,ceased which ras bse� paid and a determination o�` reder�:i <br /> �;�tat�, tax liability which has been paid. <br /> ;. 'I'hat 'tiillurd Eu�e:�e IE3�Conau�hey elected to �urcr�a�� �:te <br /> �in'�erust;� c�f tt�� d�ceaseci in l.ia�e��oci:, feea�� macYiinery ��tid ��zu:i��m�nt <br /> {:s ti�r•a�r;.c�ed in tt�e :ourth rarat,rapt� cf the Les� �.i11 and "I'�e��.a�r,a�:nz� of <br /> �;<>�;;� �.�ceasea anu trfai. t�� sar;�� ;aas ciuly a��raised a� ��rovid�c: fear �nd <br /> tk:r��d :�L ����rchased ti.e interest zn said c.`�atLels and has made accoun�- <br /> �ri�� ��:r >>i�e rral�:e thereof as deL�rmined 'by apprais�l anc3 th�t a:Ll <br /> c�t,��Qr persc�nal praperty has been ]iq�widated e�ccept irri�atiori <br /> e�•uz��;�ierat, :�ncluuin�; �:�lls, ��m�>s, en�;ines and a1:1 �atsd nr s�Gx��:r <br /> t��r���a �f alurninum pipe specifically devised and bequeath to `�°diii�::�i <br /> �:u��:Aa� f;cVonau�i�ey in trie 'i'hird Para�raph of' the Last Wi:LI �i:c� <br /> ;�.,+,amen� of decedent, and that the �ecutor has accounted ta tt�� <br /> residuary b�nsficiaries for aZl rer�aining �noneys an hand. <br /> F,. �hat the said Enos J. fYiCCOri8Ugh8JI dlEd $88�L3t�:� d x°e�iaer�t <br /> o�' Itall County, Nebraska, on th� kth day of January, l�bl, ar�ci Ic.�'t <br /> ��. ha� sole and only heirs at �.a�r ona dau�ht�r, Eui�i.c�: P�`,ar�ar�� <br /> ��nkr�.m and one son, Y�illard Lu,;en� I�cCt�naughsy, both af whor� ar� <br /> af �_e��l age. <br /> 7. ih�t the said Enos J. !=.eCo:�sughey, deceas�d, daed ��i�ed <br /> �,.� th� following deseribed real estate, to-wit: <br /> Lot Six (E�) Abrahamson�s Subdivision in the C#.ty of �ra�zd <br /> Zsland, Hall County, Nebraska. <br /> The North Half (I��) af Lot Twenty (2U� , Bacl�an & Lest�r'� <br /> Subdivision, in Hall County, Nebraska. <br /> Lot T�ra (2), Block �,ight {$), Park H�11 S�cond Subdivisi�n <br /> to the City af Grand Tsland, Hall �aunty, Nebrask�; <br /> ��� � <br />