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son, �ill�rd Eugene McConaughey, and �y daughter, Eunice 2�a��are� <br /> :,nkrwn, ar�d in Lhe event dlviaion cannot be raade of any particular <br /> iUem my �xecntor shall aell and liquidate the sam� ar.d divide the <br /> presceeds. ?�y Executor shall al$o liquidate in such manner as hc <br /> c��e�:s '�est �21 real estate awneci by me at the time of my s��ath <br /> �nd not specifically devised and the proceeds therefro� shall be <br /> divided in like munner as the proceeds frc�m personal properLy. <br /> FTFTH <br /> In the event my dau�;hter, Eunice 2�iargaret Ankrum precedos 3,1� <br /> in death leaving i�sue �urvi�ring her the provisions raade �or• her <br /> �hall nc�t iap�e but stiall pa�s and descend to such is�ue by ri�11t of <br /> r�preaentat�on. Zn tk:e ever�t my son, �lillard Eugene McCc�naughey, <br /> precedes r::� in death leaving issu@ surviving him the provisions r�:ac3e <br /> �or :�aim sl.all not lapse but shall pass �nci �esc�nd to sucYr issu� by <br /> bi�ht of repr�sentation, excep� tha� in that event, hi� issue .,}.-�a11 <br /> not• have the privilege of purcnasing any int�rest I mny h�.v� at a:Ee <br /> ti:_,�e of my death an 3ivestoc'.�, �.sed, equipment �ndrr�chinery, ?^ut: tl�e <br /> �ztry�� sl�all i�e Iiquidate�i �n� the ahare that my son would r��ve <br /> recei�e:i if living shall be divfded ar�ong his issue, �hare ���d sh�re <br /> r���.hf:. <br /> SI�TH <br /> I name, nominate and appoint �y son, '�iillard Eugene T+icCanau�;x�e�yr9 <br /> to be the Executor of this 4�'ill, further requestin� that he �� not <br /> rc�quirea to furnish s�mety on his official bond a� auch. � ��v�: to <br /> r�y Ex�cutor the r�ght, lieense and �uthori.ty to sell at publ�.e or <br /> private sale in such :^annsr as he de�ns best anc� withaut first ob.- <br /> tair:ir��; .'�icense frorn ar:�r cour� a:-iy .�e�I estute awned by �� ncg <br /> specificall�r devised. <br /> S.&.',`JE.'�'TH <br /> I herebq revoke any �nd all for�:�er Wills by me made„ <br /> EI GH TH <br /> Having conferred in d$�aa�-l.:. regardin� the provisions of my �'iIl <br /> �vith f+. J. Luebs of tf�e law iir:n af Luet�� & r:lson, of G}rand Tslc:nd, <br /> Nebraska, I h�reby waive all provisions of the laws of Ne�brask�. <br /> p�rtaining to privile�ed communications bet�reen attornr�y anc� cli�snt <br /> and expressiq authorize him to uestify as to anq commur��.cation� ha+� <br /> wi�h him regarding th�s provisions of thi s instrument wherever <br /> necess€zry to properly administer my e�tate and reque�t s�y E�recutoz� <br /> to conier with him wherev�r necessary on matt�rs p�rtaining to the <br /> probate and adminietration. <br /> IPJ WZTNESS �fHEH�aP', I have hex^etu�to affixed my �#.�natuxae and <br /> �xecuted the fore�oing as my Last Wil1 and Te�tament in Qrand Island, <br /> P�ebra�ka, �his .1C�h_ day �f July, 1959. <br /> Enos J. cCon <br /> We, �hase names ar�e hereunto �ubscr3.bsd� do h�reby cesx°�tify that <br /> Enrs� J. �icCon�iughep, the te�tator, �ubscribed hi� n�me to the fors�aing <br /> 3.n��rument in our gr��ene� a�d in the pre�ence of �aeh of u�, and <br /> at th� ��m�a t�.me �nc! in our presence and he�ring dea].ared e� <br /> in�trur��n� to be his i�as�� Wi11 and T��tama�t, and �re, a� hi� reque�t <br /> and in his presence �nd 1.n the presenee� �f each other, have hereun�a <br /> �zb�cr3,bed caur n�mes ae attestir�g witnessae�. <br /> Howard E Tr c A. J. Luebs <br /> p ran � and, Nebra$lca r€�n � arzd, �e ra a <br /> HALL CQUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D JA1V�Z0 1961 CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTX JtJDGE ;; <br /> � <br /> �. ;:;, <br /> �,;;'� <br />