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1tl;':;:�:.; , . . . .. . . _ .__.. , . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,.., , .. . _..__ <br /> 4�;� � <br /> � . � . � � .. . .� . �'. <br /> , . a <br /> ;�.ry <br /> JY�. <br /> �57� ���y-R4YL 1CtY�1�1719�1Il1 . . <br /> �r <br /> E�14� J. h�aCt�NAUt#�i�Y <br /> I, Enos J. NteCana�ghey. �eneral3.y known �� �� J. MoCc�n&u�heYe <br /> - o.� 4�ar�d Island, Ha11 Gounty, Nebra$ka, do herewith inak�, publieh <br /> and dealare thi$ to be my Last Wi11 and Testamen� �.n �nner and <br /> forcn as follows: <br /> FIRST <br /> I direct my �,�ecutc�r, hereinafter n�med, to pay all c�f my <br /> �uat debt�, �xpens�a of l�st illne��, funeral e�cpeneea and �h� co�ts <br /> in�ida�nt�l to ths adminiatrat�an of mp �state a� �aan a.�ter m�r death <br /> a�s c�an con�renient�.y be r�one. <br /> S�CDATD <br /> I give, devise and b�queath to my dsu�hter, Eunice Ntar ar�et <br /> Ankrum, the Southwest Quarter of the Sauthwest t�uarter SI��S�tJ�) of <br /> S�ct�.on Qne 41), Township 1Vine �q} , North, Rang� S�;ven �7}, �est af <br /> the 6th P,I�., Hamilton Countp, iV�braska, Lot �ix (b) , Abrahar��an <br /> Su��3or� in the Citp o� arand Island, Hall Cauntq, Nebra�ka, and <br /> the �Ic�r��i Half of Lot �arenty (2Q) , B�chman & Zester Subdivision, in <br /> H�11 Cc�ur�ty, ATe�raaka, tio hav�e and to hold the sa�ne fo�eve�. <br /> THIRI7 <br /> I give, deviss �nd b�queath to my son, Wil2arei Ev�en� <br /> I+�cGonau�hey, the West �ialf af the I�ortheaat Quarter (W N8�) and <br /> the SQ�the�ast �ttarter of the Ator�hr�est Qusrter (�E�NW�� and the <br /> West Half af the Nor�hwe�t Quar�er (W�1�WW�} of Section Twelve (12) , <br /> Tn�►nship ATi�ne �9) North, Fiange Seven ?) ,► �est of the 6th P�M., <br /> Ham3.lt4n County, Nebraska, together with al1 irrigation equ�.pm�nt <br /> on ��id premise� including wells, pumps, engines anct all ga�;�d <br /> ar other type of aluminum pige, to have and to hold th� sam� fQrever. <br /> �'OUftTH <br /> If, at the time of my death, I have any interest in l�.vestoek, <br /> feeds, ntia�h3.nery and equipment used or m��ntained on the farms <br /> here3.nabave de�cribed in Ha�ilton Countp, Nebraska, I provide th�t <br /> my sor�, Wiilard Eugene M�Conaughe�, aha11 have �he ri�ht to purchase <br /> my in�erest there3.n at �he fair marke� price. fif he elects t� <br /> purchase the �ame he sh�13. so de�ignate in wri.ting to the Cour� <br /> having jurisd3e�ion in thia �tt�r at the time ef the ed�ifiting of <br /> the W121 Lo prs�bat� and in that evenL I ret�ueat the Jadge o� the Gourt <br /> �o a ppoint �s campe��nt appraf eer to view the proper�y and a�praise <br /> �he same r�rithin ten days Lheres�ter, filing hi� repor�with t�� <br /> Court and he �hall be paici euch rea�vnable sum a� the Gourt feels <br /> proper �'or �uch ser�r3�ce�. The valt�tion ahall be on th.e ba�is aF <br /> the values grev�i2ing en th� deCe mq Wi],I ia admitted to prc�bate. <br /> �n the event my son daee► no� elect �o purch€��e aueh intereat aa <br /> hereinabove provided then my Executor �haZl� liquidate the s�r�e as <br /> �oon as �an be donE. I Purther pravide that all monep� on hand, <br /> including the proceeda �'rom the liquida�ion r�f �ny intere�t in live- <br /> �toek, feed, eqnipm�n�, and machtnex�+, and a11. au�omobile�a, household <br /> good� and o�her per�onal propertp not apecff�eally d�v�aed or herai.n- <br /> abave refe�red Lo �nd remaining after �.y�aent vf �h� items �et forth <br /> in t}�e �'IRST P�regraph �bove, aha11 be divided equal�y b�tw�en my <br /> Enos J. McConaughey <br />> <br /> .�..� �, <br />