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� . �- _. _: ., , <br /> _ � � �n �._ <br /> d�-, _ <br /> :: ;�.Pr. <br /> r, <br /> SN Tf�E CO�ITY GQtJRT OF HALL Cf3itA1TY, I+t�HRA:3� <br /> IN TH� �'ATTER. OF T�iE E3TATE� OF � <br /> f ,� E G R E E <br /> «.. ... r. ,.. _ <br /> VINCEt1T SI�i,TVAN, DECEASEA, <br /> Naw on this 21st riay oF 3eptember� i962, this matter came on to be <br /> heard upon the Final Repart of Frank Skrivar�i Executor of the Eatate of <br /> Vf,ncent Skriv�n, e�ece�.��d, �,nd upc�n the Petition of said �'rank Skrivan, <br /> �xec�ator, Fvr �he allowanae and approval of his Final R�port, se�tler�ent <br /> of s�i�3 estate, and his dischar�e herein. <br /> "i'h� Court being fully �:dvi�ed in ths pr�mises finds that due and <br /> le�al no�ice has b�en given to a11 persons of th� time and plaee fixed by <br /> the Court far the hearing upon said Final Report. There being no ob�ectinns <br /> to said repc>rt, and the Court having examined the same together with the <br /> voucher� on fi1e�, finds sai� report is true and the same e�u�ht to be ag- <br /> proved and allowed a� and for the Final Report of �aid Exeautor, s�id es- <br /> tate se�tled and closed, and th� Execut�r dischar�ed, <br /> �'h� Gnv.�� T"urther finds that Vincent Skrivan, depart�d this life <br /> on the 7th �lay� of Ja,nuary, 1967., and that at the time of his death, was <br /> a resic�ent and ir�habitant of Hall Gounty, Nebraska. That the said Vincent <br /> Skr3.vans d3Qd testa�e, anc; that a Patitian for the prob�te o�' his estate <br /> ;aas �'il.e� oxa the 11th day of January, 19b1, asking that said estate be ad- <br /> raitted to proi��te an� Letters Testamentary be granted ta Vincent Skrivan, <br /> u�on �he goals� real estate, chatte2s, righC� and credits of the said <br /> Vin.ceaz� ��ri�ran, c:eceased. That upon a hearing held upc>n said Petition, <br /> afLer rzatice �tas d�.�y given to all persons inte�ested in said estate, said <br /> �st�.t� c,r�.s aamat��d �o �arobate on the �_,d�y of�,���..e�, 19b1, <br /> anc? L�tt�r� Te�tamenta�°y w�re duly issued by this �ourt to +r � Skriva.n, <br /> n:i the es��.�� af Vincent 5krivan, deceasec�. <br /> �Y�� �our� fur�her finds �hat due and l�gal notice has been given <br /> to all �sc�°sc�ns oz" �:�e tima and place fi�ced by the Court for the fi3ing <br /> of clairns a�a3.nst said e�tate of said 3ecea�ed, ar�d that the tirae �o £ixed <br /> I��.s f*,ally �xp3red, ard a�1 persons having claims against said estate not <br /> filed within the �ime 'litni.ted by the Court� a�e forever b�rre� �nd ex- <br /> cluded fror.� setting up or assertin�; any �uch clair� against saic� e�tate. <br /> ThL Cnurt further finds that Vinc�nt akr�.van, nras the o•�mer of the <br /> �'o�.�.���rin.�; ;i�scribec� parc�� of r�al estate, to-=,�it: <br /> Lo� C?ne (1 a, in Block One (1), in Packer �nd �arr f s �'id- <br /> �i�ie��z to the City of Grand Island, Hall County, "lebraska. <br /> Th� �%ourt further finds fram the file that notice has b�en given �o <br /> all p�rs��s ir�tere5t�d in said estate as required bp 2aw, an3 that AFfi- <br /> d�vits a�� an f�.le shn�tin�; notices have been s�rved. <br /> The Court further finds that Vinaent Skrivanr wa�a a widower <br /> at the time of his death, �nd that he left surviving hi�n as his heirs and <br /> only heirs at Frank �krivan, Galasburg Illinois, son; Victoria <br /> Garrison,. �'ort :�ior�;an, Calcrrado, daugP�ter; H�lda T.. Kidwell, Chico, Cali- <br /> fornia� �a�ht�r; A1ic� �i:tckle, North P�atte, �debra$ka, daught�r, �nd Clara <br /> K�nnicutt, �lsie, l�ebraska, daughter. - <br /> The Court further finds under the terms af the Last Wi1I and Tes- <br /> � tament of the �leceased, the Executor �ras d3rected ta d3spose of all of <br /> his property and divic�e the proceeda �fter payment af the expenses, <br /> equally, among Rrank 3ltrivan, Alice Hickle, H31d€� �idar�il, Ciara Kenn3cutt� <br /> an� Vic�:oria C�rri�on; and that said prop�rty ha� been sold. <br /> The Court further finc?s that on the 31st dap o#' ��ay, 1361, the <br /> Executor moved the Court for an Order authorizing h3m tu make partial <br /> distribution �o the heirs in the sum af $40t3.0Uj each. The Court further <br /> finds such d�stribution was rnade �nd receipts are on file in the Office <br /> of the County Judge. <br /> The Court furthar finds there is no inherit�nce tax due the State <br /> 3 ` <br />