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� ' <br /> IN THE COUNT� COUF3T OF HALL COUNTY, MEHAASI�A <br /> IN THE i�ATTE�3 OF THE ESTATE OF ) DECKEE DETEBMINSNa INHEAITANCE <br /> ) TAX <br /> CHyAI,ES ��. FiICKAI3D ) Estate No. <br /> TTow on this .5r�`'� day of October, 1961, thls matter cape on <br /> for hearin� on the Petition filed herein for the Determinati�n of <br /> an Inheritance Ta.x, if any, owing on the Estate of the said Charles <br /> A. Fiic�:ca.rd, deceased; that a :daiver of Notice of Hearing date and <br /> a Stlpulatior of V-,lue of the said estate was filed by Gerald B. <br /> $u�c�zl�r, County Attorney, in and for Hall County, Nebraska. <br /> This cause came on for hearing u�on the Petition and from <br /> the evidence adduced, the Court finds that aerald B. Buechler, <br /> County Attorney in and for Hall County, Nebraska, has filed a <br /> Waiver of I�otice of Hearing and a Stipulatian with respeet to the <br /> value cf the r�-a1 property belongir,g to said Estate located in <br /> Hall County, Nebraska, being all of the estate belon�in� to the <br /> said Cl�: les A. Aickard at the time of his d�ath. <br /> 'T'he Court further finds that the said Charles A. l�ickard <br /> died on ,��ril 17, 1956, in Cairo, Hall Cour.ty, Nebraska; that at <br /> the ti�.�e ��i his death �he said Charles A. Fiickard was possessed <br /> of no estate, either real or personal requiring formal administra- <br /> ti^r of his estate ; that at the time of the death of t'ne said <br /> Charles °,. Iiickard he left surviving as his heirs and only heirs <br /> at 1aw, all of le�ul a�e, the iollowing: <br /> Laura Isabel Aickard, wid�w, Cairo, Nebraska <br /> G�.ent�rood Ch�rles P�icka��d , son , C�nton, Pa. <br /> Deralea Veeder, granddau�hter, (Daughter of a pre- <br /> deceased cY�ild of the deceased, Cairo, Nebraslcal <br /> Pex �i. Grossart, grancson, (Son of a pre-deceased <br /> child of the deceased, Bakersfield, Califorria) <br /> that at �he time of his deat�h, the said Charles A. �?ickard was <br /> owner, a� ,�oint tenant , iaitl� right of suvivorship, �;:ith his wife, <br /> .I�u-ra Is�bel Y�ickard the followir;g ��ersoral property and, real <br /> property whic'n v��as his entire estate and tivhich had a fair and <br /> reasonable value on the datE of death which was :�pril 17 , 1g56 <br /> and ?�nieh is set forth opposite followin� the described property, <br /> to-wit: <br />