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the amownt of tax found due and owing has been paid; that the <br /> Feder�l Estate Tax �eturn has been filed and the amount of tax <br /> due and owin� paid and a receipt for such payment bein� on file. <br /> 8. • That all of the perso�al property of the decedent is <br /> YfEE�fn7�tY1 assigned, togeCher with the bslance as show�i on said <br /> Fin�l RepQrt, to llaniel 4J. Ffi.shburn, sub;ject to the fUrther <br /> pay�n�: cf any additional c�� other Federa2 Estate Tax that may <br /> be four.d due a�d that the property held by the decedent and <br /> i3aniel. �7 l�ishhurn as ,�oint Lenant-s with the right of survi.vax- <br /> siz3.p izas t�een received by �sid surviving joi.nC tenant azic3 ac4Cc3U171:t'.tj <br /> f�� ir.x �he adainistraCion of this estate for tax pur�c�ses, th�t <br /> there have been filed reeeipts far the payment of all debt-s, <br /> c�.�i�s, funeral �xpenses, expeizses of last il3.r�ess, expenses of <br /> admir;istratio�l, b�quests anu taxes and upan the filin�, of the <br /> �i��a�. clo�ing Ietter approving the Federal Estat� Tax .Return <br /> as correct � said Executor wi11 be discharged and his bond <br /> reZeas�d, <br /> IT IS, THEIt�Ft}RE, ORDERED, ADNnGE� AND DEGREED BY THE COURT <br /> AS F�LLf}WS; <br /> �, That natice of the f3.ling of said Report snd of the <br /> time and place of hearing thereo� ha� been given to �.11 3�r►terested <br /> parti�s ss required by iaw; that no objectfons were filed thereto <br /> an� �he all�g�tian� con�ained therein ara aecepted as true and <br /> ct�rreet, �nd said Repo�� is h�er�by �llc>ww�d and �tpproved, <br /> ZB That Agath�e A�.�b�m died t�stat�, � r�:�ident ot <br /> Ha11 Cac��ty, �Tr�braak�, e�� May �1, 196Q, ].�av�ng a I.��t Will anr� <br /> T����r�t �rh�,�h �aas ad�.tt+�d t� �rrabat� and Dani�l W. Fishb�a�n <br /> �d �n� ��a�i.�;t�d ��c�+�€�tta�, quali�ied snd lGet���s T��t��uent�ry <br /> ��r� is��d t�im. <br /> ..��. 6 <br />