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-� <br /> � <br /> VII . <br /> I �ive ana bequeath to Katherine �'�Ii1li:amsan th.e sum <br /> of One fihousand Dollars (�1,D00.�0) to be paid by my Executor <br /> tvithin one year af�er the date o.� my �.�atl�� for the education <br /> of her daughter, Carol �tidill;iamson, .:arid I direct that any unuse� <br /> �aortion oi said bequest and inte�rest nat used, be deliver�� by <br /> ti�e saiG: Katherine ;�illiamson to Caro1 'uJiliiamson upon <br /> her attaiz�zna thc abe of 21. �ears. It is my express desire ;�Lsn <br /> t�iat saici bequeat Ge inv�sted, us�d and expended by i{atherir.e <br /> `�Jil�iamson withcut the necessity o� securir.o ar.y crcie� c� ceurt <br /> �r� the establishmer.t of any G�,iardi�r.ship or Trust a.ecaur.t. <br /> VIII. <br /> I ;ive �:r�d to Kate Gos;riff th� sum oi Or�E <br /> T��o.usanc� I�o:tiars (;�1,�U0.uC�) �.� be �ai� by my �xecutar �,�rithin <br /> onF� }�aar after the date oi my daath ana I rely upon n!y son, <br /> Dani�>.i :J, i�is:-.�ur�:, to �r:�vi[e anci car�; �"cr the said F�ate <br /> C�s�rif� ii sac�: c�re ar:u suppor� iti n�eded by her. <br /> iX. <br /> �.1��� ,>:�:, res:;, rnsi:iu� a?�� rer;.aiz::er �f my �rcpertY , <br /> GOL';e X'�c:,� � ._r.1�i SOr,<?1 c.P.i fi1Xe� aI]� W�1�T'8V2T' S1t.Uc2t'.,L,C}� l�7!1:iC17 T <br /> :Cl�j' I1Q;'r' C"7dS; Qi' l.:it-C,'i �CL;�::IY'@ � � �2VC-' � v'3.£;'JISE; 3riC� �3EC�L'.C-3i:�; t,t: <br /> 7IlV SG7?} :ic3711�i '�. . i'1.5�'1}JLIT'?1� 121 �bSC)�Ut@ �.i.C1.E;. <br /> X. <br /> 1 1_"1�:2"�:by :1aiT1�, n�r�,inar,? 3riG� a.t?�U1TIv Pi_T SG]"i� u3ri1�'1 ','i. <br /> ris=�Ji.�rr, �.s '.s,::ecu�c^ ei ����.s m�J liast ;^�iill ar� `''estarr�enr,. <br /> yT <br /> <<.L• <br /> I hereby revoke any and all former ;,ti11s b;r me made. <br /> Iiv '�iiT��d��� ':�h;s�F��J'r', i have h�reurrL� s�.;;red tizis myr <br /> iast �o��'ill and Testament at Gra^�? Island, ;�all County, i�debraska, <br /> thi;; 7�h day ai ia;arch, 195U. <br /> i3arbara Petersen �:Tatha 11. rishburn <br /> � T��TATRiX <br /> B J Cunnin�harn. Jr <br /> yJI1I�ESS�S <br /> ��'7e, ;,�hose narnes are hereiznto subseribed, do certi�� <br /> that i�GtiTN:i A. i�ISHBURT�t, the Testatrix, bein� of sound mind and : <br /> under no compulsion, subscri'�ed her name to the foregoing instru- <br /> rnent consistinn oi ttiro typewritten pa;es, this being the second <br /> bage, in our presence and i�: the presence of each af us and at � <br /> the same time and in our'presence and hearin� declared said in- <br /> strument to be her Last Wi11 and Testament and we,' at her request <br />� and in her resence and in the <br /> p preser_ce of each other did si�n <br /> our name� as atte'stin; witnesses. <br /> Barbara Petersen of Donip�ian, Nebraska ' <br /> < B ,J Gunningham Jr of Grand Island, Nebraska <br /> HALI, COUNTY, :NEBRASKA � I? I L E D JUN 11� 1.:964 CHARI,ES BO�SERfi CQtJNTY <br /> JUDGE <br />, _ <br /> ; <br /> ,,. ,�. <br /> � -.. . • . . <br /> � E <br /> - � �-; <br /> " i f .�.+`,� *yi�� u'S"w - _ _��a t'y - _ sh•�i.- -- _ <br />