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. �.. ' I ,�i + . . . . . � . . - . . . . ' <br /> ".,_ <br /> n.. ' �• . .. . ' . .: . . <br /> LAST `W I LL AND? T E ST'AMENT <br /> IN THE NAME OF GOD, 'AMEN. We, Michael J. Dowd and Agatha H. <br /> Dowd, husband and wife, of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, <br /> both being of sound mind and disposing memory, blessed be God for <br /> • the same, hereby make our joint and mutual Last Will and Testament <br /> in manner and form following, that is to �ay: <br /> First: We do hereb� arder and direct that our Executors <br /> hereinafter named, pay all the just debts and funeral expenses as <br /> soon after the decease of the survivor of us as conveniently may be. �� <br /> Second: We do hereby declare that in the event there is any <br /> property either real or personal owned by us in our name and right, <br /> we do therefoxe make distri.bution of said property as follows: <br /> (1) . The first to die hereby gives, devises and bequeaths to <br /> the survivor, absolutely and forever, all that property, both real <br /> and personal, that he or she owns in his or her own name and right. <br /> Third: We do hereby declaxe and say that other than such said <br /> real and personal property that we may own in our own name and <br /> right, all other property, both real and personal, that we may own <br /> is owned by us as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, and <br /> not as tenants in common, and we do hereby make �he following distri- <br /> bution of all of such said property in the following manner, to-wit: <br /> (1) . To The Right Reverend Monsignor Leo F. Keating, Pastor <br /> of St. Mary's Cathedral of Grand ,Island, Nebraska, or his successor <br /> in office as pastor of said Cathsdral, the sum of $500.00 for Masses <br /> for the repose of our souls. In the event that our beloved son, <br /> Thomas M. Dowd, has been ordained a priest at the time of our deaths, <br /> then we direct �nd order that fram this said sum of $500.00 the sum <br /> �` <br />