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Opal Hutts Welah, &tna M. Hutt� I,aimbert, Rupert 3ti11� Franeis 1�. <br /> M. Sti12, Aus Sti�ll� �va Roe, �rea Butler, �rothy Summick, and <br /> Helen Bilyen and one legate�et W. L. Kel�y, al�o known �� Wi31�am <br /> Kelly, and all of �►ha�n are of iegal age. <br /> ?. That the said BerL 3ti11, decea�ed, di�i seised of <br /> the following dsscribed real estete, to-r�►its <br /> The ScutheasL Quarter (cE�) af Se�tioa One f1) , Township <br /> Eleven (11� N€�r�h, Rang� fi�lve (12� �1e�t of the 6i:�, <br /> F,M.� HaZi Gottnt�, l�e�rsska. <br /> $. That by the tarms of the '�ill of said Deceased, �r�d <br /> Codicil, the sum of �I,400.OU was devis�d Lo Frarzcis �1. M. St�.11. <br /> a�d tha sum of �2�C►.QQ Lv �i. L. Kelly and a11 of the rest�, res�.duc� <br /> as�d rsmainder o� the personal pr�per�y, the �ame be3n� d�scri�i�� <br /> in �'aragraph 5 ebave, left after payment of debta� funera3. �axp��z�:es <br /> an� costs of edmi,.nistration i$ baqu��thsd to Lona (ldessa Paytcn, <br /> sistsr of the Deceased, and t�hould be seeigned and delivered �o <br /> ��er, s►nd th� real eatate of which said Bert Still dier� seised, <br /> which includes the real estate described in Par�graph 7 abcve, is <br /> dev5.sed to the aaid Lona Ode�s� Paytan�, �ister of the Decea�ed, <br /> an� shauld be as�igned to her. <br /> i�iFFi�RE;F'i}RE, I�' IS CUN3ID�RED� ORD$RED AND ADJUDGED Lhat <br /> the final account and supplernent thereto of the �cecutar here3n <br /> be and the same hereby i$ s�t�led, allc►wed and approved; that �ne <br /> stateraents �nd allegations in the Pe'Ci�ion far �'inal Set�Zeme�t �tre <br /> true and cox�rectf that the estate has be�en duly administ�r�d and <br /> all clai�es, debts and a�cpsns�s of adzain�.atration have been aluly paid= <br /> tl�at ther� h�s basn s det�rminat3.on af ir�h�ritence t�.x d�e tY�,e <br /> 5tat� af NebrB$ka fz�c�m L� �dessa PaytQn, which has b�sr� paid �nd <br /> that th�r� is nc inheritar�,ce tax due �rom �ny oth�r �eirs, Ie��te�s <br /> nr d�visee� of th� I��e�ssd and that there i� no Fed�ral e�t�te ta�r <br /> due to '�h� Uni�ed Stst+�r�� th&t Lhere is l�ft in the h�ds of the <br /> Executo� the �um of �„ 7 8/�+ . a l a�nd the 1,� ahar�s of <br /> : � <br /> ,.�.. <br /> . . . � �.� <br /> .,_ _� _ - .. .. ,� <br /> , , , , <br /> _ . .�. .. . . �,,. R , � . , <br />