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IN THE C4UNTY COLIHT OF' HALL COUAiTY, NEBRA�KA <br /> II� `1'�E MATTER OF TH� ESTATE ) Est�e No. 575$ <br /> � <br /> C1F' F�"lAL UECRFE <br /> �ERT STII�L, �iec�ased <br /> � <br /> ) <br /> Naw on thi$ � day of — , x9�i, �his <br /> cnat�e.r c�� an for hearin� upon the Fi.n�►1 Report aae� Aaeount, <br /> �nd su�splement ��ereto, and the Petition Eor Final S�t�lem�n� df <br /> .�c�csunt of the E�cecutar, and for a Dscr�ae of Heirship herein� anc� <br /> duQ and 1ega1 notice of havin� beon giv�n as provided b�r <br /> �.sw� ar�c� tha CQur�t being fu�ly advised in th�, findas <br /> le Tha� eaid final aceount, and�nt thersto, is <br /> corrr�ct and �hould b� s�llorored. <br /> 2. That the statetnent� and �Ilegations in said Petitirsn <br /> �°�� .�°���i s��ti����� �►�$ t�u� �nd �o�re�t. <br /> 3. That the Executor taok possesgifln of the per�onal <br /> �re�perty belongin� to �aid estate and ha� paid all debts and <br /> c�,aims allowed and co�ts and expenses af administration. <br /> 4, That there is an inheritance tax due the State af <br /> idebraska from Lona Ode$sa Psyton, the residuary devisee, which h�s <br /> be�n det�rmined and paid; that there is no Fed�ral estate ta�c du� <br /> to �he United Statea. <br /> 5 o That there is now left in the hands o�` ths E�cecutc�r �i�e <br /> �ur� of .�_ � g / � . O1 , and l� shares of the comr�on �t0c1� <br /> �f ��e t3v�rland Natianal Bank of Gra�d Island. <br /> 6p Z'hat Bert St311 died testate, � r�sident 4f fi$11 Cv�aaa�:y�r <br /> iV�braska, an tne 25th, day of Oetober, 19b0, and lef� as �his sol� �nd <br /> anZy he�rs at law ane �ister, Ode�sa Pay�on, and the follos��n� <br /> niec�;s and nephews: Giles E. Hutts, Veata Ander�on, Edward J�, ��tts, <br /> ��,r � {I' <br />