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,._.. �. <br /> ,. �.� <br /> v <br /> �.n-�;:: <br /> -�._, <br /> LAST VdILL AND TESTAMENT OF CHARLES E. TAYLOR <br /> � GRAND ISI,AND, NEBRASKA. <br /> I, Charles E. Taylor, of Grand Island, Hall County, <br /> Nebraska, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make, <br /> publish and declare this my last Will and Testament. <br /> I. <br /> I direc� that all my just debts, funeral expenses and ex- <br /> penses of my last illness be first paid by my executrix herein- <br /> after named. <br /> II. <br /> After the payment of my debts asaforesaid, I oive, devise <br /> and oequeath all of my personal property of every kind and <br /> nature and wherever located and possessed by me at the time <br /> of my death, to Le1ia McLane , she to have the same absolutely. <br /> III. <br /> I .�ive , devise and bequeath to Donald Taylor and Deloris <br /> Taylor, children of my deceased son, Cecil A. Taylor, the sum of <br /> Ten (�10.G0) Dollars each, and I give, devise ard bequeath to <br /> my dau�hter, Ida E. Burrnood the sum of Ten (�10.G0) Dollars and <br /> to my son 4vesley �. Taylor the sum of Ten (�10.00} Dollars. <br /> 1V. <br /> ;1_l oi my real estate including the trianble plot oi �round <br /> i ormer�y ;�ar� oi tne Hall County r^air Grounds and ad,;oinin� the <br /> �ity Limi.�s on the �vest anci the Tourist Camp located on pari, <br /> oi the ivortheast �uarter of the North��est �uarter (N�,k PJ:d�,) oz' <br /> :�ection 2v, iownship 11, Ranae 9, '��est of the 6th P.h:. , hali <br /> County, ^�ebraska, also, all other reai estate which I may o�rrn <br /> or herea�ter acquir� and whick�� is owned 'oy me at the time cf <br /> r�y death, I �iv� , devise and bequeatn to Leiia PficLane �or and <br /> durino ner lii'etime, she to have the use , income and profit there- <br /> zror��. 5he shali be required to pay the taxes on said property, <br /> keep the same insured and in a fair state of repairs. At the <br /> cieath of ,ne said :Lelia lv�ci,ane , I direct that said re�l estate <br /> shall pass and descend to rny son, Charles L. Tayior, Jr. , or <br /> at his discretion that the same be sold and the proceeds paid <br /> over to him and he shall be the absolute owner therecf. <br /> `r� <br /> 4 <br /> T}le foreooin� bequest to Lelia t�cLane has oeen made for the <br /> reasor� tha:� she has assisted me in the mana�ement af my business, <br /> ana further, nas assisted me financially at times and the fore- <br /> goirig bequests are made in consideration of the assistance which <br /> she has �i`�en r�e. <br /> VI. ' <br /> I name, nominate and appoint Lelia l�'icLane executrix of this <br /> rny last �uill and Testament and request that she be not required <br /> to bive bond as such executrix. <br /> VII. <br /> I hereby revoke any and all f ormer wills by me made. <br /> 1 <br />