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�. ' <br /> VI. <br /> I direct that tne Five Hundred Dollars (�SCO.QO) due <br /> me from Donald Bergholz and the Six Hundred Dollars (�6CO.�Q) <br /> due me fro� Harry Bergholz be divided between my children, � <br />� �.ichard Berghoiz, Harry i3erghoiz, Donald Bergholz, Raymand Ber;- <br /> holz and 1�e2ores Bergholz, share and share alike. <br />� VII. <br />� <br /> I �;ive , cievwse and oequeath to my sor., Richard Berg- <br />� 'rlolz, aii of my iife insurance, all money and oLher property <br /> not herainbeiore bequeathed. <br />� <br /> VIII. <br /> In t!:e event that any of my cniidren shall precede <br /> me in dea:.h, I ��.'i�'ec� that any estate shall �ass �c �he ct-:ilc- <br /> rer� oi the deceased in equ31 snares to each. Iz any oi my sans <br /> s'r,ould pass away ��it'r�cut beino m.arried and �,rithout leavir.;; issue <br /> I direct that his snare ur��ier my �Jill snall go to cr.y su��viv- <br /> branciehiidrer. a t the t ime of my ciea th. <br /> IX. <br /> I name , naminate and appoint my son, :�.icnard sergholz , <br /> to be executor of' this rriy Last ti�ill and Testament. <br /> �. <br /> I hereby revoke arzy and all former :r�ills by me ma.d�, <br /> IPd �dIiNESS ��JHER�,OF, I have hereunto signed this my <br /> Last �Vill and Testamer.t at Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, <br /> this 14th day of April, 1953• <br /> WITNESS : <br /> B J Cunningham Ninnie C Ber�holz <br /> TES TA TRIX <br /> B J Cunnin�ham Jr, <br /> tide, whose names are hereunto subscribed do hereby <br /> certify that MINNIE C. BERGHOZZ, the testatrix, being of sound <br /> mind and under no compulsion, subscribed her name to the fore- <br /> going instrument consisting of two typewritten pages, in our <br /> presence and in the presence of each of us and at the same time <br />$4;" and in our presence and helaring declared said instrument to be <br /> her Last Will and Testament, and we, at her request and in her <br />�;�: presence and in the presence of each other, did sign our names <br /> as attesting witnesses. <br />, <br /> B J _Cunziin�ham' of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br />� � B J Cunnin�ham Jr. of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br />�.: <br /> -2`- _ <br /> � <br /> . :4 _ , _ <br /> . _ <br /> . . ,� �. ,. r, �_ _ �. � .�_.... -- _a� ; _ <br />