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LAST irVILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> oi <br /> MINNI� C. BERGHOLZ <br /> Ia Minnie C. Ber�;ha].z oi 51�3 udest John Street, Grand <br /> Island, Ha.11 Countyg I�1ebr�ska , oein� of sound mind and dis�os- <br /> inv meraor•y, c�o make, �ublish anci declare this my Last '.Vill and <br /> "iestame:�t. <br /> i, <br /> I direct that al_1 my just debts, luneral expenses, <br /> ard ex;�erses of my last illness, if any, be first paid by my <br /> execl�tr�;., };ereinafter name , the same tc bc: paid out of my per- <br /> sonal pro?erty. <br /> II. <br /> I ;ive, devise and bequeath to !ny d�u�, D�lores <br /> i;:��rg:r�olz , r:y ���atch a�ci other je�s;eiry. <br /> ill. <br /> _� sr:�V�' � C"1�V1S2 3::C1 l��q_U@�Lr: 2.�.� O1 i?7y houseYiold ;�ood�� <br /> and iurni.tare �o rny son, riichard ��. Beror.oiZ , and rr.y dau�hte��, <br /> �.;�.�..;re:� �s�r. ,,,1� , ariart= and share alire . <br /> iV. <br /> L �i�-e , d;;��ise ana b�;�u�a�i; �o my scn, Richard :�,1. <br /> Beryi�olz , al,� �� rri,r r�a� �st�te , inclu;.air,� r,�y one-t'r.ird (1�3 ) <br /> I inter��:u i% t;ti<: �:�,:rit °�ahere wa ?�ve , and a:}r otner real estate <br /> �.J��i1Ci1 �, i;��3.y' Gv^ii^i 3� ';.;ri8 '"i.�rrE O1 I'.;�i :�ec�t,rl� r'iE LG r1�.VE i.'f1�' So.a:i� <br />� <br /> I a�,solut�.:� y. <br />�i <br /> V. <br /> I' i��-;� so�, �or�ala Bergnoiz is indebt�d to me in �he sum <br />� <br /> I ��.' r--�v�; r�ndreu �ollars (�SGO.Uu) and I dzrect �hat he �hall <br /> pay ���e sam�, to my exeeutor Nrithin six months af�er my death. <br /> I :�.y scr.� , Harry Bergholz , is indebted to me in trie sum oi Si.x <br /> F-'.undrec:i Dollars (�p6UU.00) and I direct that he shall pay the <br />� <br /> sarne �o r�y executar within six months after my death. <br />� <br /> I <br />�'� <br />'� � <br />