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IRI THE G�U1�TY CUURT �F HA�L CG�NTY'� Y�B�iASKA <br /> IN THE NfATTIIi. UF THE F�TATE ) <br /> TSTATE �1E). <br /> UF ) `_`..._."�,� <br /> DECFtEE DLP�tMI�tI�(} I�H�I�/V�TCE TAX <br /> ANGELINE P. MCLAtTGHLIN, DI+�EAa�D. ) <br /> This c8use c�ne on tri be heerd thi� Y��� d�y of Au�ust, 1961, upern <br /> the petiti�n of Jack C. �IcLeaz;hlin, hueband af ��id deceased, Fvr a de- <br /> termin�tion v� any NebrBska inherit�nce tax due or ut�1n� itz thia eau�se <br /> �nd the voluntary appearanee and w�iv�r of notice to �how emuse pf t3er�rld <br /> B. Buechler, County Attorney of HaZl Gounty� Nebrasl€u, and the Cqurt finds <br /> that seid decedent died a resident of He1.I Count�*� Nebraska and that this <br /> Cs�urt h�s �urisdiction of �hese prpeeedings; that it is apgar�nt to the <br /> Court that tY:e�e is no Nebraska inherit�ce tax du� ur c�win� h�rein and <br /> that these nr�cee�in�s prope�°ly come snder the provisi�►r�s of 7?-2018.�2 (!�} <br /> of the r.evised Ststutes of �iebrasl�a, 19�.�.3' as Amand�d in 1959. <br /> The Cnurt furthcr finds that Angelina P. �IcL�ughlin d3ed c�n Augu�t <br /> lt;, 19�7�, intestate; that there �ras no property oumed by said dsce8�ed <br /> requisin� probate or adm3nistrati.on Qf her est�te; th�t a11 d.ebts and ex- <br /> perses of last il2ness and burisl of said deceased have been paid by ur <br /> are the obligat,ion di the petitivner 8s surviving husbanci of s�id deee�ascc3s <br /> ��at An�elina P. AfcLaughlin left her survivin� es her sole heirs-at-law <br /> tY��e fnllow�.n�; persons: Jack G. N!cLau�hZin, huaband, and John P. Mebau�hlin� <br /> son. <br /> �'he Court further finds that at the time Qf her de8th� the deceased <br /> was the owner as jaint tenant with Jack C. i�IcLaughlin� her huaband� nf the <br /> followin�; described prnperty � wh�ch prdperty had e fair rnarket value as <br /> of Au�ust 16, 1.9E1, as set far$h below: <br /> Lot Ei�ht (8) lu Block Gne (1) in Parkti311 Subdivision j <br /> an Additian to the Cit� of Graad I�land, Nebraska - <br /> fair market va].a�e $22,000.00 less aaortgage indebtednes� <br /> af $1Es,0o0.00 Bsla�e �6,QOO.Oa <br /> Thirty (30) shares American Tel�phone and Telegr�ph <br /> Comp�ny comnwn stock at $I23.0(3 - Yalue 3,b9o.0(� <br /> 1959 Gldsmrsbile - 88 - fair mark�t v�lue $1,800 - <br /> less mvrt;�a�e 3redebtednese of $1�8(�.00 B�l�ce l�one <br /> 1961 Valksxa��n - Value 1,b0�.00 <br /> The Cc�rt further finds '6.'zat at the time 9f her detLh said dece�sed <br /> i wes the o�mer as �oint tenant with her mother Maysne Pogonsa oY a cheek3,n� <br /> account in the Commerci�l Nat�.on aI Bank of Grand Islend� Nebr�ska t�ith �p <br /> bal8nce of $502.00. <br /> / — <br />