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�.t' <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> OF <br /> ALICE P�'I. FREELAND <br /> IN THE NaNiE OF GOD, AMEN: <br /> I, Alice M. Freeland, of Custer City, Custer County, State of <br /> Soutn Dakota, beino of lawful age, of sound ,mind and memory, of dis- <br /> posinb rnind, and considerin� the uncertainty of this frail and <br /> transitory life and not acting under duress, fraud, or undue influence <br /> of any person or persons, and hereby revokino any and all foa�mer T�Jills <br /> by me made , do make this my Last Will and Testament, as foll�ws : <br /> 1. <br /> I hereby request and direct that my Executrix hereina.fter <br /> named, see that my just debts are paid, as soon after my dea�th as <br /> convenient, and includino those of my last sickness and fune.ral. <br /> 2. <br /> I hereby give , devise and bequeath any balance in my savings <br /> with Investor's Niutual Syndicate to my daughter, Almeda E. Hardin, <br /> .�11� '.uest T��iain, Rapid Gity, South Dakota, to be hers absolut�ly, <br /> . <br /> iY any balance there be. <br /> 3 . <br /> I h�reby give , devise and 'oequeath all of the rest and re- <br /> mazndc:r of my entire estate , both real and personal property af <br /> every kind and description and wherever loeated, to my six children: <br /> rrar:cis A . Freeland, Custer, South Dakota <br /> :uthel Adele Freeland Denman, 51�.6 Pirotte Drive , San Dei��o 5 , <br /> Cal�f. <br /> A. Farrel �reeland, Custer, Soutr. Dakota <br /> 5hirley V. Qlsor., �715 '��1est Omaha St. , Rapid City, South <br /> Dakcta <br /> Al:�eda r,. Hardin, 3716 ��Test I�iain St. , Rapid City, South <br /> Dakota <br /> Doris E. Schirkoisky, 1221 Collins , Copeka, Kansas <br /> �,o share and share alike. . <br /> �r• <br /> Lastiy, I make, constitute and appoint rloia Ni. Hoa.,land, <br /> �,ttorney at law, Custer, South Dakota, to be Executrix oi this my <br /> Las� 6dill and Testament. <br /> / <br /> v <br />