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. <br /> , _ <br /> . � <br />} :� ��.,. � . ' ... . . .:. .�� -' Y <br /> .. • � . . .. .�- � � • • . .�. <br /> � <br /> .. . . . . � � � . " � � . <br /> TM Ccw�°� #��es `fi�s f�iist 'ths said S�rah Mul�ea•s hasbaryci, Jo!►n Mullen� <br /> p�r�sa�s�il Ae�r�, ��t��lie laft aa hsr t�eir a�d .only hei� at law h�r sony Rilliar <br />" P� J�Wiloni wtao i�i ef 1��a2 aQ�. <br /> ?ha Caart farlh�s tirx3s t,ha�E tht feirnftur�, silv�rware� lin�ns snd housahold <br /> �.� <br /> ,� ' t�actaures a�' saici dtCe�s�d hav� bean dalivisad �o Mna i.�shy and that �ka� spscial <br /> beq�»st �rf i�3�000 b�queathed to th� said �►n� Le:hy has bean pafd in full. <br /> �S Cou�t ��rth�s finds �hat �r th� �ros and pr�visions oi the Laat �ill and <br /> Testam�nt of Serah ii�tiien, deceased, after the pay�trt of the b�quests hareiribelora <br /> entm�rat�d that all of her astate, reals parsonal or anixed after the payment of deb�s, <br /> funersl e�qpenses, expensts in eonnection with the last illness anci costa of adminis- <br /> trstlan psss�d and d�scanded ta h�r son, Milliaa P. Mullen� and that ths said willia■ <br /> P. Ml�ellen Aaa tak*n poss�ssion ths�eof. <br /> Th� Co�srt further finds that the said $arah Mullen died seized in fee si�le of <br /> the followinq describ+ed z�al �stale: <br /> M undividod ane-halt (1/2j interest in and to the Narth west Quarter (!�} and <br /> all of the i+iorth Half {�} of the South Mest Quarter (S'i�;) except that partion <br /> lyin 5ou�h of the 1�►ion Paci.fic Railroad Co. right-of-way all in Section Thirty- <br /> t�o �32) TE►+wnstrip 7�n (10) lbrth� Ran�� Twalva (12) Msst o€ the fiixth p. !�. <br /> iqHall Counfijr, N*bx�aska <br /> !In undivid�d qn�.half (if2) i�tarast in and to the MI'esterly Sixteen (16) feet <br /> Of LAt 3I'YTl� (3) and the East�rly ?htrtyfour (34j fost o# Fractional Lot Four <br /> (<) all in Bloak �e (1) �ilm plac�, an addit�vn to the City of Ga�and Island, <br /> [iall Caunty, Nabraska. <br /> that the abeve described real �atate paased and dascended to �illiam P. Mullan, her son� <br /> in f�e simple. <br /> Ths Court furtMr fie�ds that thtre is no fad�ral estate tax due and that the <br /> �tate inheritance tax an the share 9ofng to the said Millism P. Mullen has been paid; <br /> that said astate aho�ld b� closed, tha �xecutor discharqed and his bond relea�ed. <br /> IT Ia THE�.:FOFtE ORD�R�I?� kDJUDG�t� pND DF.CRBED BY TliE Gtit}itT� that the Ffr�l Report <br /> cf said 1Nilltaan P, ilullen as Exsc�tor of the Laat �till arad Yestament of Sarah i�,llan, <br /> d�ceased� De ar�d the s:se la h�r�by approv�d and allawed as his Fina1 Report; and �aid <br /> e9tate is heraby sattled ard elosad and ga�d Executor discharqed �nd his bond as such <br /> xolsas�d, <br /> IT I� FUl��Tk�1�R �38€��k�� A�JJf3t�v AN€i i�CR�EE3 BY TNE CUt7�17� that natice h�s been <br /> q3v,n to ai1 pe�rs4ns havirtg int8rest in aaid ss�ate. That a�ll clai�as aqainst said sstate <br /> �tave begr� paid ar� th�� ttt� spsci�l beqt�ests haua baen paid� that ths balanee of casA <br /> reerain�ng ��a safd es��t• h�s been deliv�p�ed hy� said Executor to hfmself. <br /> , s: <br /> t_� - .,..�x ..�ti4-.�v ,�, - �: <br />