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. :�5'�,...'.,. .' <br />{ <br /> I�� <br />,� <br />� IAT T�IE GfKJNT'Y EY1t1RT {�� HA�L C4i�NTX, NEBRftS�A <br />� <br />" Il� TH� i�TTER QF T� E��ATJE ) ESTA?:'� �30. 5$87 <br /> r t <br /> j,'�, gF ) ll�GRSI� �BTF�i�N�NG IIiEEII�.SHZP, <br />, � <br /> p. F�ARENC� P&ARSON, f?eceas�d. ) �IG�iT aF DESCENT AN� B�RRZNG GLA�t;� <br />'„ � .... ._ ._ _ ._. _ _ ._ _. _ ..._ ...,. ,_ _� <br /> i <br /> No� u�� this 27th ciay of 3uly, k9b1, this a�tt�r came a� for <br /> heax3.r�g upan th� P�:tft3.c�x7 af George Fe��rson that the Court <br /> a�ay find anci d� the �ime of death af the said Florence <br /> m3 <br /> �'ear�oc�, clYa.t �he di.ed xnt�state, h�r heirs-at-law, the de�rre� <br /> csf ki��ship an�l righL of deseent, and for an order barri�� claims <br /> and ci�r,ercna.r�in� Inheri�anee Tax.. Testimony was tak.en and �he <br />'; matte�� sub�nitterl t;u the Cour� and the Court bei�ig �ully ad�vised <br /> if.n the n�a�Cex �is�ds as tollows: <br /> 1. "That �h� Cour� has kisretofQre fir.ed the �.r�d pZac� <br /> for hearin�, ar� ��ic� Petition and that notice th���of was given <br /> to aIl gersQns ie�terested as required by law; that na oi�jectivn <br /> w�.s f�.led t4 sa�.cl �'etition aa�i that the Gaur� has j�risdietion <br /> ts� hua� ��d deteru►ine �aid mat�er. <br /> 2. That rhe allegat:Eons cantsined in said Petition �re true; <br /> ti�t Flc�r�nee Pearsora di�ed intestat+e a resident of Denver, Denver <br /> Cour�ty, Gs�Iorada, on l�iarch 1�, 1957 ; th�t �he decedent was pc�ssessed <br /> af �he fallawing desc�cibed intc�xest in rea�. estate locateu in Ha11 <br /> Cflunt�, Nabraek,a: <br /> An undi�ided oi�e-thi.rty-thix'd (1/333 a.n�erest <br /> in and to Lot One (1� , Bloek 'i'wen�y-one (21) , <br /> Kernohai� and Decker's Additio� to the City of <br /> Gra�nd I�lafld, �a1.2 Cc�unty, �Iebra�ka; <br /> th�� the v�lue af sa3,d interest� would not exceed �he sum of <br /> $40Q.0(� �n�i that aC the tim�: of her death deceder�t ctf.d not awn <br /> any Q�her property exeept abov� set farth. <br /> 3. That the said FZarenee P�sxson had never u�axried a�d <br /> lefe survivi�g as her s�ol� and a�iy h�ir-at-laar her znother�, Hilm� <br /> P�ar�so�a, arrd th�t thes title Co the d�cedent'� in�tex�es� in tl�e <br /> . abave d��crit�ed r�al e�st�t� descer�ded to �nd vested in the said <br /> Hilma P�arso�. <br /> 4. That more t�an t�� ygnrs heve elaps�d �ince the death <br /> of cne aeceaent ana tha►t uo �ppli�acion h�s b�en made in th� <br /> 5tate of Nebraaka for the� sppt3intment of an e�dmi��.strator c�f her <br /> es��te by her heir� or any ather persan and that nc� acic�inistratar <br /> h�s beet� appainte,d �or he�� ��Cate in the State af �fiebraska; th�t <br /> th� Co�anty l�ttorn�y of Hal�. �a�nty, Nebraeka, has entera:d hi.� <br /> valuntex� appaara�ce �rein �oa��nt�.ng to a det�rmination of <br /> in�er�.ta�n�e tax and �he Gcaurt fi�ds Cbat aaid estat�z ia �sat+ject � <br /> trr n� t��br��&a Estate Tax or Inheri�a�ne• T�uc; t�et pet�Eti�a�er, <br /> Gea�r�� FeBrsori, is a� c�ner a� aa� int�tost in and �a �a9.d r��l <br /> esta�e 8nd B prop�er p�r�ott tc� b�ri�g the8�r p�oCs�edin,gs, that all <br /> claims and demands against the estate of the deceased a�e forever <br /> barred and prec2uded by operation of law. <br /> w�,4 ��,+ <br /> +,,��s; ,�;,, <br />