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;, . .. ,,, . , � . <br /> CODICIL TO LAST WILL AND TESTAT�NT <br /> OF <br /> JAMES WEBB <br /> I, James Webb, of Grand Island, Hall County, 1Vebraska, do here- <br /> with make, publish and declare this to be a Codicil to my Last Will <br /> and Testament bearing date of April 4, 1955, as follows; <br /> FIRST <br /> I direct that in the paragraph designated as the 'tSECOND" <br /> paragraph of said Last Will and Testament, the bequest to my brother, <br /> William T�Tebb of California, if he be living at t'_ne time cf rny leath, <br /> shall be increased from the sum of �250.00 to �1,000.00. <br /> SECOND <br /> I hereby revoke the provisions of Paragraph "THIRTEEPI" of said <br /> oiiginal Will and Testament and in its stead I now provide that if <br /> for any reason. �. J. Luebs does not qualify for either the position <br /> af one of the executors or one of the trustees, or, after qualifying, <br /> it �aecoi�es necessary for any reason to appoint a successor for hir;�, <br /> I request the appointment of his associate, Kenneth H. Elscn, as such. <br /> It is my desire to have executors and trustees whc are personally <br /> known to me. Whenver it becomes necessary te appoint either a <br /> trustee or an executor in the place of a person specifically named <br /> by me, I the�eafter request the appointment of the Cverland Tlational <br /> Bank of Grand Island, Ne'�raska, as such trustee or executcr, and <br /> thereafter as specifically named trustees or executcrs beceme <br /> disqualified or unable to act by reason of death or for any other <br /> cause, no further appointment shall be made, and the appointm2nt of <br /> the Overland 1`�ational Bank shall constitute a replacement, to the <br /> end that if the proceedings continue after all� persons sNecilica.11y <br /> named by me have become disqualified by reason of d eath or o�herwise, <br /> the Gverland National 3ank shall be�me the sole trustee, or e�ecutor, <br /> as the case may be. <br /> THIRD <br /> Having made no provision in my original Udill vrith reference to <br /> the disposition of insurance policies that may be issued and outstandin�- <br /> on any real estate owned by me at the time of my death, in all cases <br /> where real estate has been specifically devised by me in m�y saic� <br /> Last Will and Testament all policies of insurance then in effect on <br /> such real estate, where transferable, shall be transferred and <br /> assigned to such named devisees and they shall becor�e the owr.ers <br /> of such interest as I may have in such policies or unearned pre;r:iu�;:s <br /> as I had at the time of my death. <br />� FOURTH <br />� <br />� Having reviewed all of the provisions of my said Last Will and <br /> Testarnent, bearing date of April l�, 1955, at this time, I do herewith <br /> reaffirm and cc,nfirm all of the other and remaining provisions in said <br /> instrument. <br /> �� <br /> -� <br /> s��';�.��4�,.r <br />