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; _' r <br /> ' ' ,� '„ <br /> Also, while it is my desire that my son shall receive <br /> this monthly allawance to assist him.�in supporting himself and <br /> his family, I da not wish such payments to be used for any purpose <br /> ather than such support. I,'` therefore, authorize my Trustees <br /> to withhold all or :such portion of the payments to which my son <br /> would otherwise be entitled as, in their absolute discretion, it <br /> appears will not be so used. Payments so withheld may, at the <br /> discretion of my Trustees, be applied to the use or benefit of <br /> my son, his wife, or his child or childreri, in such proportions <br /> as my Trustees may determine, or added to and administered as <br /> part of the principal of the trust herein created. <br /> EIGHTEENTH <br /> Vdhenever ,the administration of my estate has been completed <br /> an� iny Executors have filed their reports fbr estate tax, <br /> inheritance tax and any other tax pu.rposes, and paid the amounts <br /> so determined by them, they may close the administration pro- <br /> ceedings and deliver all remaining assets to my Trustees, if tl� <br /> have qualified, and if it is subsequently determined further <br /> assessments are due or liability exists, my Trustees sha11 then <br /> remit to rny Executors such amounts as may be necessary for that <br /> purpose out of the trust estate or make payment and settlement <br /> direct. <br /> NTNETEENTH <br /> "Net Income" as used in connection with the trust estate <br /> created in this Will shall be �onstrued to me�.n the income that <br /> remains after deducting operating expenses, ordinary expenses, <br /> expsnses of administration of the trust estate, ordinary upkeep <br /> and ordinary repairs of every kind and nature, insurance, general <br /> and special taxes and, assessments, state and federal taxes of <br /> every kind and nature, in connection with both real estate and <br /> personal property, but not inclitding state inheritance or <br /> federal estate taxes. <br /> TWEI�T�T IE TH <br /> I do herewith appoint my wi�e, Eva Webb, and daughter, <br /> Jessie Williamson, and A. J. Luebs, Executors of this, my Last <br /> Will and Testament, My Executors and my Trustees shall receive <br /> such amounts of compensation while acting as Executors and as <br /> Trustees as the Court may from time to time deem fair and reason- <br /> able. I do not request my Executors and Trustees herein named to <br /> give surety on their of�'icia� bonds as such. If, however, in the <br /> sole judgment of the Court it is determined some surety should <br /> be :�urnished, I request it be kept at a nominal amount, my <br /> purpose being' to save my beneficiaries the expense of premium <br /> on such bond. <br /> TWENTY-FIRST <br /> T expressly consent that my attorney, or attorn eys <br /> consulted by me regard'ing the' drafting or terms of this instrment <br /> may testify as to any communications which I had with him or <br /> them, and concerning my<affairs, and as to my mental capacity <br /> at all times, „and .as ta;any and all observations, facts or <br /> circumstances `conneeted therewith. It is my intention to, anci <br /> I 'hereby waive, any and all xights and objections which might <br /> be asserted agains�G- the testimony of, such attorneys by r. eason <br /> ` -9- _ <br /> _ � 9 <br /> ,. .� , <br /> . ,_ . ; . . . . <br />